Tuesday, 31 October 2017

SmartGlobe Starry 2 in 1 or Day and Night from Oregon Scientific Review

Tilly loves to travel, she loves to explore and I am lucky that she knows there is a whole wide world out there that is hers to travel and explore. She has travelled over a lot of Europe already and although she is always looking at maps, there is nothing quite like looking at a globe and seeing the world in 3D. We were recently sent a SmartGlobe Starry 2 in 1 or Day and Night for Tilly to review and give our honest opinion.

The globe takes 3AA batteries or you can plug it in using an adaptor that you can purchase at an additional cost. With Tilly, I prefer the batteries as an option for using the globe. There is a switch that you put on and it turns your globe into a night globe and it shows all of the stars and constellations, this helps your child to learn about the constellations and also looks awesome when it is lit up. In Tillys words 'Wow!'

In day mode the globe shows all of the countries of the world and political borders. It also shows capital cities and the oceans. The globe also works alongside an app on your smartphone, this is where the AR (Augmented Reality) comes into the educational side of the globe. The app is downloaded and you tap the globe on there and it opens up a camera mode, you focus in on a country and it shows you 3D images of animals from that country, then you can choose to look at the landmarks of the country. This brings the globe to life, but it does take a bit of faffing about to get the app to work with the globe. It took a while to focus in on a country and then if we were trying to focus on a small country, it wouldn't work so we would have to zoom out and focus on the wider range of countries and it would pick a country for us. But the magic of seeing the globe come to life was so cool. There is also a quiz section on the app where you can earn points by answering some questions.

The globe shows the seas and oceans of the world and even the dateline is printed on there. The globe went down really well with Tilly and she can see more of the world than she has ever noticed before on a map on the internet and with her brother living in Holland, she can see how far away he lives from her. I am hoping that the globe will encourage her to want to travel more and that she gets to understand the stars and constellations too. The app could probably do with a little bit more work on it to be able to learn about smaller countries but this is definitely something that can be used as an educational resource to help her to learn.
SmartGlobe Starry 2 in 1 or Day and Night is a bargain at 29.99 from oregonscientific.com

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