Monday, 30 October 2017

Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mists Reviews

 a fragrance advisor on the fragrance counter at Superdrug, I am always coming across new scents and I have developed a real love for the finer fragrances in life and to be honest I never really use a body spray anymore. I much prefer the smell of finer fragrances and have become spoiled in my ways.

With body mists becoming more and more popular than a body spray, this summer Superdrug launched the Layering Lab body mists to the Ladies Deodorant and body spray range in store. A body mist is a very condensed version of a perfume and the popularity of body mists are growing on a daily basis. They are perfect for people who want to smell like a fine fragrance but find a fragrance too strong.

What is Layering Lab?

It is a range of body mists that you can mix to create your own scent, unlike me you may not have found your perfect scent to wear. Using the Layering Lab means that you can combine two or more of the scents to create a smell that really suits your skin.

As a blogger from Superdrug's Blog Squad, I was sent two body mists from the range, I was scent Paradise and Fresh.

Paradise is sweet and has notes of tangerine, vanilla and green tea. It claims to remind you of being on a beach on holiday. I would agree and I would wear this more after I have been on holiday somewhere hot because it would bring back memories of the citrus fruits in Turkey and the flavoured teas in Turkey. But as an everyday scent, this is too sweet for me.

Fresh is a fresher scent with the notes of Citrus, peony and apple. I love this smell as it would be so fresh to wear on a hot summers day and wouldn't be too overpowering. I kind of reminds me of Green Tea Perfume from Elizabeth Arden, but without the price label.

The fragrances can be worn separately for a stronger smell of you can mix them proportionally to make a smell to suit you. When I mixed Fresh and Paradise together, I found that the aroma of fresh apple was more prominent and it took some of the sweetness away from the paradise scent. I preferred the paradise scent once they had both been layered. I would wear fresh separately too

The Layering Lab comes in 6 different scents and would be the perfect gift for someone that fancies themselves as a perfumier. Are you a sweet Gourmand wearer or a sensual Oriental wearer? The Layering Lab body mists are exclusive to Superdrug and as they carry the Superdrug star, you know it is vegan and vegetarian-friendly as well as having the 100% money back guarantee.

Take a look online at Floral, Oriental, Fresh, Paradise, Gourmand and Cocoon scents. They will cost you 3.99 each.

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