Friday, 27 October 2017

The Xtava Twist Curling Wand Review

I love to style my hair, it makes you feel better and it also makes you look completely different. We all have that 'mum' look or that 'job' look that we are seen wearing every day. So it does make a nice change to do something different. I do have a curling wand that gives me big spirals for when I want to go out, but there isn't much choice for any other size or style of hair. Also If I use it on Tilly, the big curls simply drop from her hair!

The Xtava Twist Curling Wand is available from Amazon at a bargain price of 20.00. 

So I was asked to review the Xtava 5 in 1 curling wand, and here are our thoughts. When it arrived, it arrived in a branded box and inside was a nice black box to keep your curling wand and all of the accessories in. The box contained a bag that is heatproof and ideal for travel, I travel a lot with Superdrug and blogging so this is a huge thumbs up for me! There are five attachments ranging from a tight spiral curling wand to a huge barrel curling attachment. 

The reason I had never had one of these before is that I never actually knew how much I could trust the attachments staying in place. But now I have this curling wand, I don't think I will go back to using my old wand. Xtava is a new brand to me and the products they offer are exciting and really do the job. To attach each end to your wand, you simply slot it on and twist it to the lock position and it is totally safe and secure. The barrels come in 5 different sizes, I would use the three different sized barrels with clips on them for ringlets or spirals by holding the curling wand Vertical, and the 2 barrels without clips are perfect to create different curls by twisting the hair around and holding it horizontally across the head. 

The wand has 9 different temperature settings and you can have it as low as 130 for fine hair or as high as 210 for thick, coarse hair. my hair is really thick, So I always use the 210, but when I use it on my daughter, I usually use 180. When you first switch the curling wand on, It heats up to 180 within seconds, then you just use the arrow buttons to adjust the temperature to what you want. The curling wand will also switch off after 60 minutes if it is left on. The barrels do not have a cooling end to hold as you do your hair, the is to ensure that the maximum amount of barrel is used to style your hair. Because you don't use the cooling end, make sure that you use the heat proof glove as you style, because it will save burnt fingers and hands. 

I used this on my hair, my hair is so out of condition and in need of a haircut. I coloured it this week again so it looks very frizzy. But I used the curling wand with the largest barrel to create waves in my hair, I used it as a spiral effect and then brushed the curls out with my fingers. The barrels are coated in ceramic and tourmaline, this is to help prevent frizz as you style and I find that it keeps my hair under some kind of control and makes it look healthier. 

The Xtava Twist Curling Wand is available from Amazon at a bargain price of 20.00. 

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