Friday, 27 October 2017

Three Special Ladies Who Help Us Go On Holiday

I do love being a parent, I won't lie! It's bloody tough sometimes and heartbreaking a lot of the time. Parenting isn't easy for anyone, but I am so lucky because I get my holiday once a year to Turkey. This is my week to go wild and forget the worries of home (easier said than done with social media, these days). The only reason that myself and my friend can get away is with the help of family.

Lin is a few years older than me and cares for her mum who has dementia, so no matter how much I find parenting hard - I can't start to imagine how hard it is for her. It's difficult both mentally and physically caring for an elderly relative. So even though I need to get someone to have Tilly for two weeks, so we can get drunk and fall in doorways, Lin has to find someone to look after her mum. This is where three wonderful people come into the blog post. Firstly I have Kim, who looks after Tilly. She takes two weeks off work to be a surrogate stay at home mum and reassure Tilly that I am coming home. She moves back into my house and never complains that I am lying on a sunbed in Turkey, whilst she is up to her elbows in dirty laundry or having to discipline Tilly over something. She never complains about the pressure of being a parent and she never resents me. She never complains when I go on Facebook live and you see us falling over drunk. I find the posts in the morning and realise what I have done, but by then it's too late and has probably been seen by half of my friend list. She does tell me that she chooses not to use Facebook whilst I am away.

Then there is Julie, she is a surrogate daughter for Lin, she lives a fair distance away but takes a week off work to come and look after "Nan". When you work, you only have a certain amount of holiday allocation and Julie always saves a week for Lin. Julie laughs alongside us when we get drunk and joins in with the drunken videos and photos.

Sam, Lin's daughter also takes a week off work to look after "Nan" instead of using that week to go away with her own friends. Sam is the one who I worry about most when I post drunken videos because I have corrupted her mother and I know I will get into trouble. I am sure Sam knows deep down that it's her mother who corrupts me. On Our last trip to Turkey, Sam even watched out for Kim and Tilly when I became that over-anxious mother that you get!

All three of these ladies give up their own time me to care for relatives so we can go on Holiday and let loose. Each of these ladies is unselfish and generously giving up their own life, their social life and time with their own little families. And I often wonder if each of them realises how much I appreciate everything that they do to ensure we get away on holiday. I know Lin appreciates it too, and that we both understand how much you ladies give up to ensure we can go on holiday and act like utter twats. You ladies are awesome and although we feel guilty for going away and leaving you all with the responsibility that should be ours, I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

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