Tuesday, 24 October 2017

When Things Go Wrong And You're Miles From Your Kids!

When I went away to Turkey recently I was worried about my girls more than I ever had been. I know Kimmy is 25 years old and quite capable of looking after her 7-year-old sister but at the back of your mind, there is always the knowledge that nobody looks after your child as well as you do. You know that your child is safest when she is with you and you know that your child is a quatre of the world away from you. I never really worried about being away from them before - I think they worry more about me being in Turkey. But this time there was just a worry that I couldn't shake off.

I was getting ready to go to a posh Cuban restaurant for the evening whilst in Turkey and I got a text message from Kim saying 'There has been an incident in London. Me and Tilly are fine. Not near us'

From that moment you automatically panic, you go into overprotective mother mode and you want to be there with your children. I put the Tv on and scrolled through about 30 channels looking for BBC News worldwide and there was nothing on there about an incident in London. I scrolled through Facebook looking for anything about an incident in London, there was nothing. I messaged Kim again and told her to go home as we didn't know what it was. But as she had a table booked at Planet Hollywood, she was adamant she was going there. I could not believe how stubborn Kim was, for a moment I realised that she was a clone of me in more ways than I knew. I saw my own stubbornness in her. I wouldn't have gone home either! But I told her to keep tagging in on Facebook and to keep letting me know where she was. It later emerged that It had been an accident and a driver had driven into a group of people. The way it had happened mirrored a terrorist attack and not knowing what was happening added to the fear of what was going through my head. I wondered why I had chosen to take a holiday on my own so far away from my children. I finally relaxed when I got the message to say they were on their way home.

So the following was thankfully free of drama, but then the next day I video called home and Kim told me that she had got Tilly dressed for school and her arm started bleeding and bleeding and just wouldn't stop. Ah Man! what else was going to go wrong? I knew that Tilly had burnt her arm on some curling irons on the day I left for my holiday, but she didn't make a fuss and we run it under water to cool it down. Then she carried on as normal - Kids are resilient! Anyway, I suggested Kim took her to minor injuries after school to get it checked out. She went and waited nearly two hours to be seen and the cut had got slightly infected and it was dressed with strict instruction to keep it dry and clean. Later on, Tilly came to Kim and told her that she had told the school that she had burnt her arm by cooking her own dinner. Kim and I were both horrified! Although the school know me and the TA has known me for many years, her teacher didn't know me as he was new to the school. It worried me what else she had been saying! OMG, here I was in Turkey and my kid was making up stories. So that's how I came about video calling the headmistress and telling them exactly how she got her burn. To this day I still have no idea why Tilly lied about getting the burn, but we have explained how dangerous lies can be and that there could be repercussions for her lying. I actually had visions of being on the front page of the sun, there being a picture of sad looking Kim and Tilly with the headline saying 'Mum leaves kids home alone and injured'.

Its all in the past now and I am hoping that we all learned a lesson from this, Mine is that I will never use those tongs again when Tilly is around and to make sure that a burn is always treated straight away and Tilly's is that she mustn't lie because it makes situations worse and gets people in to trouble. I even wondered if I should be going off and doing my own thing, had I failed as a parent? Crap parent award went to me that week!

It made me realise that I was so far away from my family and I couldn't do anything. Luckily there are a couple of flights a day to the UK from Antalya when I am there, So getting home would be no problem and believe me, I considered it until someone passed me another cocktail. I am so lucky to have Kim as she is so responsible and we are a close family. She looks after Tilly every October whilst I go to Turkey for two weeks, and never moans about it. I expect I will have to pay it back when she has her own kids, I will have to look after her kids, whilst she goes on holiday.

You can find Kim on her blog http://www.memylifeandthetardis.co.uk/

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