Monday, 27 November 2017

10 Beauty Hacks For This Winter

Who has extra time to get ready this winter? I know I don't! Its the time where we are trying to catch up with the girls before Christmas and there never seems to be enough hours in the day! So here are a few Beauty hacks to help you through the party season.

Plump your lips.

Lip plumpers can be expensive and its often difficult to get one in the lip colour that you like. So if you have a favourite liquid lipstick or lip gloss, then add a drop or two of peppermint oil. It makes sense because when you buy a plumping lip gloss, it always has a peppermint taste to it. Plumping your lips will give you a fuller look and draw attention to your lips. Finish the look with a lip liner to stop the lipstick smudging and define your lips.

Dry shampoo.

Quite often we have to go out for a Christmas meet up after work and there is no better way to freshen your hair than with a good dry shampoo. Not only will it make your hair look cleaner but it will also give you some extra volume in the roots. You can even buy dry shampoo in handbag size cans.

Buy an eyeshadow palette instead of single colours.

When we are going out in the evening, our make-up often needs touching up and we would wear different eyeshadow from day to night. If you have a small palette of eyeshadows with colours from light to dark, you can just change your make up look to an evening one with the swipe of a brush. Also, use a darker eyeshadow for an eyeliner as it gives a much softer look and you can match your eyeshadow too.

You get what you pay for.

I know that it's so easy to buy something budget because you don't have the money to get something of a better quality. BUT you do notice the difference and you find that a better quality cosmetic will be more pigmented, more long-lasting and will apply easier.

Party hair

Simply fake it! You can buy hair extensions or hair pieces to add volume, shape, length and colour of your hair. These can be bought from Salons or somewhere like Capital Hair and Beauty. You need to buy something like this professionally as it will look better quality and will lay better in your hair. Professional hair extensions and hair pieces will also look real and not like nylon or plastic, like other cheaper brands.

Making the most of near empty cosmetics. 

If your foundation is in a tube and it's nearly empty, cut the tube open and scrape out the last of the product. you will probably get a couple more applications out of the tube this way. If your mascara is drying out a bit, pop it into a cup or glass of hot water to warm it up and make it go a bit further.

Smashed blusher or powder?

Don't throw it away, put it in a small pot and use it as a loose powder, sometimes you can actually get a better application with a loose powder. If you have a few different smashed powders, then mix them together to create your own colour.

Bought the wrong foundation?

I always buy a darker foundation for the summer and a lighter one for the winter because our face is darker in the summer. If I only have a darker foundation at hand for the winter, then you can lighten it slightly with a moisturiser. This will also give your face a bit of a barrier in the winter weather too. You can always get advice on the right foundation from most stores and sometimes they give you a sample to take home.

Getting a matte lipstick look

Applying a concealer to your lips or a finishing powder with instantly make a glossy lipstick look matte. Perfect for party nights.

False lashes

These give you a fake eyelash look all day long. Don't buy cheap ones because they will look fake, and always use a good lash glue. I would recommend Eyelure because this brand is excellent and the glue keeps lashes attached to your eyes. It does take a bit of practice to get the hang of applying lashes but you can get so many different looks from lengthening to volume.

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