Friday, 10 November 2017

5 things to do to make Christmas easier on your bank balance

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Christmas can be a really expensive time of the year for many of us. It happens every year, yet it still manages to creep up on us often leading to debt running well into the new year. I have put together five easy things we can all do to make Christmas easier on our bank balance.

Set a budget

The first, and most important thing we can do to make Christmas easier on our bank balance is to set a budget (and stick to it!). When coming up with your Christmas budget remember to include:

  • Gifts
  • Wrapping paper and tags
  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Christmas cards and postage
  • Travel
  • Accommodation if required

Your budget doesn't have to be strict, but it is important that you know how much Christmas is going to cost you so that you can be as prepared as possible.
Start saving NOW Once you have your budget then you need to start saving for Christmas right now. 

It is never too late (or too early) to get started.

Whilst it is important to put any amount aside for Christmas, in an ideal world you would divide your budget by the number of pay days left before Christmas and put that amount away each pay day.
Even if you cannot afford to put that amount away right now, anything you can set aside for Christmas will help you will the cost of Christmas.

Get cashback (and even free food)

One really easy way to save on the cost of Christmas is to start using cashback websites and apps. Websites like Quidco and Top Cashback will give you cashback when you shop from a ton of retailers, and apps like Checkout Smart and Shopmium will help you to get cashback on your groceries - and even free stuff!

You can use Vicky’s Shopmium referral code (AECCUCUC) to get yourself a free 4 pack of Cornettos! By getting cashback on your groceries, or even free products, you can save lots of money in the run up to Christmas, meaning you have more money available for the important Christmas chocolate.

You can also use website like Deals Queen and to get some really special discounts and codes to help towards the cost of your shopping.

Start purchasing booze and special food in your weekly shop now

Another great way to spread the cost of Christmas is to start putting some of your Christmas shopping into the trolley with your weekly grocery shop. You can start popping in items with a long shelf life - alcohol and other drinks work really well here. Make sure that the things you buy will still be in date for when you need them, otherwise you’d be wasting money by throwing them out before the big day.

Buy presents as you go

You can also start buying presents as you go to help spread the cost of Christmas. In the last quarter of the year, the closer we get to Christmas the more that prices can increase. Do you remember Hatchimals from last Christmas? They were selling for crazy amounts of money on eBay in the lead up to Christmas.

If your budget allows it, try to purchase gifts as you see them on special offer in the months leading up to Christmas. If you shop early you also have time to check eBay, Facebook marketplace and Gumtree for lots of bargains.

I hope you have found these tips useful! You can find me at EmmaDrew.Info, or on Instagram and YouTube.

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