Saturday, 11 November 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas From Jojo Bows And Jojo Microphone

We have all seen the huge 'Jojo' bows that girls are wearing these days, they are everywhere and even Tilly has decided that she wants to wear them. The story behind Jojo bows actually goes a little further than just a bow to look pretty on a little girls head. Joelle Joanie Siwa AKA Jojo has strong messages about standing up to bullies and to be confident in who you are, I suppose we could all learn a lesson from kids sometimes. Her song about bullies called Boomerang has had nearly 200m views on YouTube, Her philosophy is #BestiesNotBullies. Every little girl wants to be part of the Jojo franchise and whenever there is a group of girls, you will see giant bows. Whether you love them or hate them - they are here for a while yet. Tilly is 7 and she wants the bows too, as she is an avid YouTube viewer, she often watches Jojo videos.
Christmas is coming soon and it's only about 7 weeks to go, on the top of many little girls lists will be something from the Jojo range that is brought to you by Nickelodeon. We were sent two products to review and if anyone needs something to help her believe in herself again its Tilly. She suffers from anxiety and if there is something out there that will give her confidence, then I want to try it.

We were sent the Jojo Microphone, it is a cute purple microphone with a pink bow on the front. The microphone lights up and it has a recording of her anti-bullying song 'Boomerang' that your child can sing along to. It also says her slogan of #BestiesNotBullies. The Microphone can connect to an MP3 player so y can sing along to your own songs too. The microphone was a real hit with Tilly and she now keeps running through the house singing and shouting into it. The microphone has a glittery pink bow on the front which is, of course, Jojo's symbol. The Microphone is £14.99 from all good toy retailers.

We were also sent the Jojo Bodacious Bow, It is HUGE but even I have to admit that it is quite cute. The bow comes presented on a piece of card featuring Jojo. The bow is pink and covered with her trademark logo hearts. The hearts are silver and they work well with the pink. Coming from the bow is a rainbow coloured hair extension to add some colour and a little bit of fun to the child's hair. The bow is oversized and it makes people look at Tilly when she wears it, almost as if it says 'Look at me!' and she finds herself the centre of attention. The bow has a pink plastic clip on it, and you just slide it into a ponytail. The bow is £9.99 from Toys R Us. It's a perfect gift for a kids secret Santa or a gift for a friend at school.

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