Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Creating Memory Photo Books From Truprint

My holiday to Turkey seems such a distant memory now and the weather is so cold! The clocks have gone back and the winter nights are drawing in on us. I feel like screaming 'It's not even December yet!'

But as cold as it might be outside, it is an excuse to cuddle up in front of the Tv with Tilly and watch a Christmas movie - yes we have started watching them already. There is nothing better than slipping into your onesie and sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows whilst watching a happy Christmas movie. Sometimes life gets in the way of precious moments like this and we find that we don't have time to spend with our families. But it is spending times like this that we create memories for our children. Memories of not having to go out at the weekend, because you just want a duvet day or spending Saturdays in bed with woolly socks on and fleece pyjamas. These are the moments that make our kid's childhood memories and you know what? It doesn't cost anything to do.

feet up and relaxing with hot chocolate, in front of the fire

As it gets closer to Christmas, and the decorations start to come out, it makes it even more magical to stay in and enjoy the precious moments. But do you ever take photos of the precious moments? Do you ever capture the special family moments like this that will stay with our kids forever? I have such a poor memory and quite often I am asked by Kim if I remember certain moments from her childhood, I smile and nod but in reality, my memory is poor and having suffered depression for much of her childhood it means that I have forgotten a lot of the memories that she remembers. This saddens me because I really want to remember the special moments that we all spent together.

Of course, Kim was Tilly's age, over 18 years ago and times have changed so much and I do make an effort to photograph the memories. I make sure that we have photographs around the house and in the past I have created photo books for the kids with pictures from their childhood where I have stuck old pictures into an old A4 book and given it to the kids. With Tilly, its so much easier because technology has progressed so much! Now I can use pictures from my phone and digital camera and order an online photo book. Truprint offer a service of making your prints into a photo book and with Christmas coming up very fast, this would make a different gift for someone. You don't even need to add pictures from a camera with Truprint because you can use your favourite pictures from your social media.This is the kind of gift that not only helps to preserve your memories but also will help people with memory problems and dementia to remember the good times. It is actually a priceless gift!

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