Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Creating A Simple Party Eye And Lip Look With Superdrug Products

Party season is soon going to be here and its one of the busiest times in Superdrug for cosmetic sales. Everyone wants to create the perfect look and wants the best products to do it. The best thing with a lot of the Superdrug own brand products is that they are fab for people on a budget. Its so easy to get a stunning look on a budget! As part of the Superdrug Blog Squad we were sent some Superdrug Lash glue, Superdrug lashes in number 302 and 303, B. lipstick in Mulberry Smooth and some B. Stubborn make up remover.

I had never used the lashes before as I usually just use Eyelure ones, so these were completely new to me as a brand. They are ready glued but I also used some of the lash glue with them. The 303 lashes give such an amazing full on lash look and I actually love them. I wouldn't wear them as an everyday lash but I would wear the 302 lashes in the day nearer Christmas as a Christmas make up look. Eyelashes completely change the look of your eyes and as long as they are applied properly, they look absolutely amazing. But I cant wear them with my glasses because they are too long, but I will wear them without glasses. I used the Superdrug Lash glue and they stayed in place all day. These lashes start at £1 a packet so they are a real bargain.

The Superdrug lash glue is £3.49, it's on the same kind of price as a more expensive lash glue and it comes out white, so don't use too much. Pop it on the lashes and leave it to dry for about a minute or two and then it should be tacky and will stick to your lashes. The glue does the job and I also used it to add glitter stars to our face and they stayed in place all day long.

The B. Velvet Matte lipstick is part of the new B. Cosmetics range coming back into the store soon. B. Cosmetics have been given a real overhaul and are back in time for Christmas. The Mulberry Smooth lipstick is matte so you don't get the shine on your lips and the matte gives a sultry, sexy look. Matte lipstick seems to last longer on my lips too. The colour of the lipstick doesn't really look the same as the colour sticker on the package and I wouldn't have chosen this colour from the B. stand if I went by the sticker. But on opening the lipstick, the colour was deeper and I actually loved it! The colour went on smoothly, didn't bleed and looked fab on my lips. It made a change from the reds that I normally choose. The lipstick lid didn't stay on the lipstick so when it was loose in my bag, it just kept falling off and getting covered in fluff - this put me off buying it again, sadly

The eye shadows are another brand and the eyeliner is a black eye shadow. using black eye shadow gives you a better eyeliner look because it looks softer and smudges better for a smoky eye look.

Removing make up is important because you don't want want to be left with spots from make up that's been left on your face. Sometimes waterproof and stubborn, intense make up is difficult to remove. B. Effective Stubborn Make Up Remover is what you need for your long wearing make up and waterproof mascaras. Long wear make up is increasingly getting more popular because people are so busy all of the time and they want make up that is going to last them. These days people don't have time to keep topping up their look. So even if you do wear the long wear make up, its going to be easy to remove with a cotton wool pad. The make up remover smells of bubbles that kids play with,so that put me off a bit. And I used a lot to take the make up off, it seemed to soak into the cotton wool pad and I had to really soak it. Then on my face it seemed to soak in and dry. The B.Effective Stubborn Make Up Remover has a price tag of £7.99 and is usually on a BOGOF or better than half price.

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