Monday, 20 November 2017

Easy Photo Gift Ideas

Not so long ago, I was going through some of our old photos and realized that a lot of the best ones barely see the light of day. They just sit there in a digital format not being looked at and enjoyed. This is a real shame because, over the years, on days out and while travelling. We have taken some nice photos. So, I have resolved to do more with our pictures. Below are a few ideas I have come up with to help me to do this.

Get them turned into canvas prints

Having nice prints on your walls helps to give your home personality and help to set the scene. Firms like Hello Canvas open up the opportunity to truly personalize your home by having some of your favourite photos turned into canvas prints. All you need to do is to select a few, upload them, choose a frame type and size, pay and leave the rest to them. Within about a week your prints arrive and all you need to do is to hang them.

They are high-quality, yet are relatively inexpensive. Therefore, they have the potential to make very good gifts for friends and family. If you have recently enjoyed a holiday with someone special you could potentially have their favourite snap turned into a print for them to hang in their home.

Create some photo cubes

Photo cubes are a great way to display your favourite snaps. Every day, you can turn the cube over to display a different set of photos. You can easily buy small cardboard or wooden gift boxes and glue a photo to each side. If you fill the box with something nice, for example, a piece of costume jewellery or some homemade chocolates they make even better gifts.

Create beautiful clothes or soft furnishings

With the right equipment, you can easily take your photos and print them onto fabric or iron on transfers. Once you have done this you can make all kinds of items, for example, t-shirts or a photo quilt.

Using collages

Collages always look good and you can potentially create them on any surface. All you need is the right glue or tack to attach your photos to the surface and a good quality transparent covering to protect them. I have seen some fantastic looking photo collage furniture, including coffee tables and ornaments.

Create cross-stitch and knitting patterns

Potentially you can take a photograph and turn it into a unique handcraft pattern. If your mum enjoys cross stitch, beading or knitting you can have a photo turned into a pattern. There are several ways to do this. Perhaps the easiest is to send the image to a third party and let them do the hard work. But, if you would like to have a go yourself you could buy the necessary software and learn how to do it.

Where to find more inspiration

The above are a few of my favourite ideas. Hopefully, you will like them too. However, if you do not feel particularly inspired them, do not worry because there are hundreds of other ways you could potentially use your photos. This page contains some really good ideas.

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