Friday, 3 November 2017

Fantasy Hair Products From Superdrug.

As part of my Superdrug Blog Squad parcel this month, I was sent some of the new Fantasy Range of products to try out and I absolutely love them! The range has a variety of products from cosmetic brushes to false nails and hair glitters. Fantasy seems to be a big thing at the moment with the growing popularity of programmes like Game Of Thrones and now you can create your own fantasy looks from home.

I was sent some Fantasy Queen Of Darkness Eye Shadow Duo Brushes, Superdrug Fantasy Queen of Stars Hair Glitter Pot in silver and also in gold, Fantasy Glitter Hair Gel and from my previous month, I was sent Fantasy Queen of Darkness Purple Glitter Spray.

Firstly the Fantasy hair glitter pots - These are the most awesome products! I do like glitter when I go out for the night and I get through Superdrug glitter sprays like there is no tomorrow! So this is going to work out as a more cost-effective way of me wearing hair glitter. The glitter comes in star shapes and as well as using them in my hair, I also used them on my skin with no adverse reactions. To use them on your face, just use a little bit of eyelash glue and try not to put them too close to your eyes. Also if you are putting the glitter on your hair, do it over a sheet of large paper because there is a lot of wastage when the glitter goes everywhere, so if you use the paper you can pour the spilt glitter back into the pot. To apply them to your hair, you can use the Fantasy hair gel. I felt this was good for short hair but didn't really work on my hair because it is so long and with the gel making my hair hard, it meant that I couldn't brush my hair all day. The gel held the glitter in place but the next time I used the glitter, I just put them in my hair and kept them in place with hairspray. The Fantasy glitter pots are £2.99 each.

The Fantasy glitter spray wasn't for me, I like 'in your face' looks and the glitter spray barely showed up in my hair and it only very vaguely showed up in my daughter's hair. It worked well for me as a hairspray but I didn't see any added bonus of the glitter aspect of the spray. I am a big user of Superdrug Glitter sprays and I use these because there is so much glitter in the can, so I was a bit disappointed with the spray. The Fantasy glitter spray is £2.99

The Fantasy eyeshadow brushes are to die for! I love how soft these are. I believe that you do need decent brushes to apply your makeup, this is because they are cut properly and a lot more thought has gone into the design of the brushes. I never buy cheap brushes to apply my makeup, this is because if you're going to create a fantastic look on your face and you want that wow look, then you need to use decent tools. I usually use Real Techniques brushes, but I could easily be convinced to buy this whole range of brushes. The eyeshadow brush set comes with an eyeshadow application brush and also an angled brush. Use the angled brush to apply a darker eyeshadow to the crease of your eyelid and it emphasises your eyes better. The angled brush is so thin and gives you a more precise look. I also used the angled brush to apply my eyebrow powder, but it was quite soft and I couldn't quite get a look that I wanted. The unicorn look on the brushes is fun too, they make the brushes stand out. The eyeshadow brushes are £6.99 from Superdrug and to me that's a real bargain!

All of these products are available in Superdrug now and they are included in the 100% money back guarantee, so if you're not happy you can simply return them for 100% of your money back. They also carry the leaping bunny symbol and are not tested on animals, so they are ideal for vegetarians.

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