Tuesday, 7 November 2017

GBBO - Did You Love It?

You may all know that Kim is my eldest daughter and she started blogging about a year ago. I am sure she used to wonder why I 'pretended' to always look busy on the laptop. But now she is as addicted to blogging as I am. You can find her link to her blog at the bottom of the page

french cake with chocolate base and strawberry mousse topping

Last week for the final of the Great British Bake Off. I loved the Bake Off whilst it was on BBC and I was devastated when they announced they would be moving to Channel 4 and that Mary Berry along with Mel and Sue would not be returning. When I saw the advert on TV in August I had mixed feelings. I was excited about the new series but nervous about whether or not I would enjoy it.
I had never heard of Prue Leith before and so I didn't know what to expect. I was also worried about the format of the show. On the BBC, Bake Off was an hour-long and as the BBC has no ad breaks you got a whole hour of baking madness. Whereas, channel 4 does have ad breaks and so they may have to show less footage or they will have to take out one of the 3 challenges in order to fit in the ad breaks.

Luckily Channel 4 decided to make each episode 1 hour and 15 minutes long to compensate for the ad breaks meaning we still got an hour of baking madness and nothing was lost from the show. When I watched Bake Off I was surprised by how much it still flowed. To people who hadn't watched Bake Off before, you wouldn't know that most of the team were new to the show. The chemistry between the judges and between the presenters was still there and the presenters were a quirky yet reassuring presence to the contestants.
As always Bake Off contained 12 amazing bakers and had some very memorable moments. From one of the contestants pulling off the oven door to another contestant dropping part of their bake on the floor. This series also saw the first Italian week. Although my favourite didn't win, (I wanted Liam to win) I think Sophie did an amazing job and was a worthy winner. I am so glad that this series of Bake Off did so well, as I was genuinely worried that Bake Off might be ruined. I look forward to next years series. Please follow my blog at www.memylifeandthetardis.co.uk for my ramblings about life.

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