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Gel-A-Peel Fashion Station Review For Christmas

Gel-A-Peel is always a favourite of Tilly's creative toys because she can use her expressionism to create something that is unique to her. She has said in the past that she wants to be a fashion designer, but this week she wants to be a vet. Her friend has influenced the fashion designer in Tilly and I think its good to be creative for kids.

We were sent a Gel-A-Peel Fashion Station for Tilly to review and this is an honest opinion of what we thought about it. The box is huge and it was difficult to get the design station out, we had to rip the box but it didn't matter because the fashion design station is designed to pop everything inside and keep it safe. This makes storage so much better as it is compact and tidy.

Tilly holding Gel-A-Peel fashion designer box

The Fashion Station works in a few different ways and it is easy to adapt to the different designs that you do. In the set, you get the design station, 40+ design stencils and templates, 2 gel trays to make gel clutches, 7 designer tips (round, rake, and star), accessory hardware, 2 squeegee tools, 5 Gel-A-Peel colour tubes including an exclusive pearlised black colour and cleaning tool. The trays that make the gel clutches have great patterns in them but each clutch purse used about a tube and a half of Gel-A-Peel to ensure that you have a good coverage. You need the coverage to be thick to make sure that the clutch purse doesn't fall apart or rip when you remove it from the tray. When you have put the colour in the tray, you need to use a squeegee tool to flatten it and make sure it spreads to all of the corners. be creative and use a different colour to create the design that is unique to you.

Another way to use the fashion station is to get a plain piece of fabric or a t-shirt and pop it over the plate and lay one of the stencils over the top of the fabric and use your Gel-A-Peel to pop some colour over the stencils, then use your squeegee to flatten the gel and made your design stick to the fabric. Leave it to dry slightly before you remove the stencil and leave the fabric to dry off more. I didn't want to leave the stencil on for too long in case it stuck to the stencil and the excess gel. This would ruin the design. The stencils are excellent and the design does come out as you would expect, Tilly was most excited about the design on her t-shirt and it has become her new favourite top. There are more than 40 stencils to choose from so you can create different designs all the time. You could even design school bags, bedrooms curtains, fleece blankets - in fact, anything that is fabric and will slide into the design station. You also get the usual design sheet that comes in a Gel-A-Peel pack, so you can also make the usual jewellery. Perhaps make something to match your newly designed top and clutch bag.

Pdesigning a heart shape on her t-shirt

Tilly wearing her freshly designed t-shirt

What Did We Think Of The Design Station

Tilly was in her element with it and to see her design something from nothing was exciting for her. It does use a lot of the Gel-A-Peel gels and you would have to keep replacing them to keep using the fashion station. But you can always buy more and carry on designing. It is very messy when you are making the clutch purses because you use a lot of the gel and then you have to get it into all of the corners, and even using the squeegee's are messy and you have to keep cleaning them. When we were using the Gel-A-Peel over a big area like the clutches, it is easier to use the gels without the tips, that way it comes out faster and you fill the area much quicker before it starts to dry in partial areas. Overall we are impressed with the Fashion Station because it really helped Tilly to be creative and I like the way it packs away so well. When you are using the station, you can keep the Gel-A-Peel tubes on the top because there are 6 little holders to keep the gels in arms distance, rather than having them all over the table surface. Tilly gives this a big thumbs up and we would recommend it for a fab little Christmas gifts for someone.

You can buy this Gel-A-Peel Fashion Station from Amazon for £28.15. We made we items from the set before we needed to look at getting some more gels. You can buy more sets from Amazon from £14.99.

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