Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Hey, Thats My Fish! Game Review And How To Play

This month as part of the Esdevium Games Blogger Board Game Club, we were sent 'Hey, that's my fish!'. It is a perfect stocking filler for kids this Christmas and it is so easy to play. The game is for 2 to four players and it comes with 16 playing pieces and 60 ice floes. The ice floes are turned upside down and shuffled, then you turn them over and start arranging them in a honeycomb shape. You lay them in a row of 8 ice floes and the next row has 7 ice floes, Then you place 8 ice floes and so it goes on.

If there are two of you playing, then you have 4 playing pieces on the board, if there are 3 people playing then you have 3 pieces each and finally, if there are 4 people playing, then you all have 2 playing pieces each. Its played this way to prevent overcrowding on the board. As I played along with Tilly, we had 4 playing pieces each. Each player takes a turn and moves their playing piece in a straight line across the board, landing on different ice floes. The player then collects the ice floe that they have just left and put it to one side. Each ice floe has either 1,2 or 3 fish on it. This is the value of the ice floe, so ideally you want to collect all the 3's. We played the game slightly different and we moved a number of spaces to the value of the ice floe that you were on. So if you were on a 3 fish space, you move 3 spaces. Games can be adapted to however you want to play them and you can make them easier or as difficult as you want. 

The game was fun to play and very easy but the ice floes never seemed to stay in the correct place as the game was played. It was very easy to knock them and then they end up in a different position. This game is absolutely totally different to anything else that we have played in the past and that makes it so much fun to play. The game is £9.99 from Amazon and is ideal for people aged over 8, but Tilly is 7 and I think as long as a child is able to follow easy rules and has the ability to count, they can play from an earlier age. I really enjoyed this game as much as Tilly did and it really does make you think about strategies and you have to be one step ahead of your opponent. The game lasts about 20 minutes, so even if your child has a small attention span, they won't get bored. This game made Tilly and I chuckle as we played and it made us competitive as we found ourselves wondering where the opponent was going to move to next. This is a perfect stocking filler or gift for your child's friend.

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