Wednesday, 8 November 2017

How To Shape Eyebrows With Nu Colour Lightshine Eyebrow Shaping Kit

I am 44 years old and until recently I didn't actually know how to create killer brows! It felt like I was a child scribbling with a crayon. I attended a lovely event with Nu Skin UK and as they demonstrated the Nu Colour Lightshine Eyebrow Shaping Kit I was actually able to learn how to do your own brows. I am so envious of young girls with their brows, its almost as if it is a real work of art for them. But I am older and the look wouldn't suit me. I have good eyebrows but the hair is so much lighter on the outside of the brows and it makes it look like there are no brows there. This blog post is written with people like me in mind - the ones that don't know how to apply eyebrow powder. Hopefully, the tips will come in handy.

Take a look in the mirror and use a brush to measure how far over the brows need to go and where they start. This is your starting point for lovely brows. This means the brows are equal.

measuring eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil

measuring eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil

Apply the eyebrow powder with an angled brush and work the powder into the natural fall of the eyebrow hair. Just think of it as if you are doing lots of different 'I' shapes in the brow. This then means that all of the gaps in the brow are filled. Also if you spray a little bit of water on to the brushes (I have NAPCA Moisture Mist), This makes the colour more intense and will apply better to your eyebrows.

Applying the powder in between the lashes

One Brow is coloured and one is left as it is, showing the difference

There are two different shades in the eyebrow shaping kit, you can mix the colours together to get the correct shade or use the shades on their own. A little tip that I learnt was to use a darker colour on the outer edge of the brows to add more emphasis to them.

Use a brush to brush and 'style' your brows and I apply a clear mascara or Nu Colour Nutriol Eyelash Treatment to keep the brows in place.

Lastly apply the highlighter, which is the lightest colour in the eyebrow palette. Brush it underneath your brows and across the top of your brows. This emphasises the brows and adds to the stunning look of the eyes.

Highlighting over the left eyebrow and below

The finished effect

The eyebrow palette comes with tweezers to shape your eyebrows and brushes to fill them in. Although I prefer to use a brush with a longer handle so I use  Nu Skin Eyebrow Brush which is available for £11.78 individually or as part of the Nu Skin Professional Set for £82.09. The palette powders are really quite pigmented and last a long time of your lashes, the powders do not crumble or fall to dust as you apply it. This means that you get a lasting and accurate application on your eyebrows. I know feel that I can apply eyebrow powder to my eyebrows with confidence and I know the difference between the intense darker colours for a night out, with illumination but using a lighter colour for the daytime and a more natural look. The Nu Colour Lightshine Eyebrow Shaping kit has everything you need to define and illuminate your brows and will cost you £41.06 from It makes a perfect stocking filler or Christmas gift this year. With the party season and a little bit more practice, I know that I will feel confident with my eyebrows this year.

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