Thursday, 2 November 2017

Superdrug B. Range Vanity Case For Christmas

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I always try to start in the summer by getting some bargains in the summer sales. But I love it when the Christmas gifts come into Superdrug, because it means the Christmas season is well and truly on its way. As part of the Superdrug Blog Squad, I was sent a B. Makeup Silver Cosmetics Vanity Case to review and give my honest opinion on.

When the case is opened, the top tray moves to the side and it reveals a space underneath to store things too. The vanity case is kind of like a TARDIS, it looks quite small on the outside but I was surprised with the amount of space that was actually inside the case. The top opens really wide and is very sturdy, its chic, classy and well worth the £20 price label that it comes with.This makes such a cute little Christmas gift for someone and it is an affordable price too. The vanity case measures at 15.3 x15.3 x 20.4cms but also comes in a larger size for £30.

I don't usually use something like a vanity case because I am always on the go, so its easier to pop it all in a makeup bag or usually it just gets thrown into the bottom of my bag. Mainly because I am so disorganised! But with this vanity case, I can now keep my cosmetics in one place. The vanity case is made from a silver aluminium, it opens on the top and inside there is a velvet lining. The lining will help to protect your cosmetics as you are carrying the case about. There is also a set of keys, that can lock the case to keep sisters or daughters away from your make up.

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