Monday, 6 November 2017

Superdrug Sparkling Eye drops

I have just got back from Turkey and whilst I was out there, I partied hard and still had to get up by 8am to put the towels on the sunbed to beat the other tourists. So I was living off about 4 or 5 hours sleep a night. Something that I would never do at home! So I basically spent 14 nights being tired and I know I looked it.

By the evening I had to get ready to party again, so this is where Superdrug Sparkling Eye drops came in handy. They made my eyes looker brighter and sparkled for a couple of hours that I was out and drinking. You can see from the picture below that I do get a slight sparkle after using two drops of the eye drops in one eye and the other eye was without eye drops.

I am not a fan of eye drops because you can see the eye drop dropping in to your eye, but I would use these again if I was tired because I could see a difference and if you're going out for a night you can get a slight sparkle. People notice your eyes when you are out and if you have sparkling eyes, then it draws attention to you. The eyes drops did roll away from my eyes a little bit as I was using them and on some droplets, I completely missed my eyes. Its therefore a good idea to pop these in before you do your make up.

The eye drops were sent to me to review as part of the Superdrug Blog squad. The eye drops are available from Superdrug at 2.49 and carry the 100% money back guarantee, so if you don't get on with them then you can return them for a full refund. They are also vegan and vegetarian friendly because they are not tested on animals and none of the ingredients are tested on animals either.

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