Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Great British Sewing Bee, Sewing Studio Review

This week me and Tilly were excited to receive a sewing studio from the The Great British Sewing Bee. This sewing machine is for children aged 6+ and is a perfect machine for any new sewers.

When I got the sewing machine out the box, I was pleased to find that it could be run on either mains power or battery power. The sewing machine is also small and very lightweight and so can be moved easily. You can therefore sit and sew wherever you please.
This sewing machine comes with all the parts and accessories you would need. It contained a sewing kit in, tape measure, some thread, metal bobbins, a needle threader, needles and a thimble. 

The sewing machine comes with an instruction manual. This is detailed with coloured pictures. It tells you how to do everything from connecting to the mains to adjusting the thread tension.

Once we are connected to our sewing machine to the mains we then tried to thread the sewing machine. I follow the instruction manual and found that there were numbers on the sewing machine corresponding to instructions from the manual to further assist me. This bit wasn't difficult but it was fiddly and I think a child would really struggle to do this so an adult may be needed.
Placing the bottom bobbin in a slightly more difficult. again it was very fiddly and although there are instructions I still went wrong a few times. It did take me about an hour to fully thread the sewing machine.

When threading the sewing machine I did notice that I had to remove a finger guard. This is a small clear bit of plastic that clicks onto the sound machine around the needle. This prevents little fingers or (clumsy larger fingers) from going anywhere near the needle while the sewing machine is on. This is an awesome safety feature that meant that I felt comfortable allowing Tilly to feed the fabric through the sewing machine while it was on.

There are two ways to operate the sewing machine. You can connect up the foot pedal or there are buttons on the side. I was pleased about this as Tilly doesn't seem to understand the concept of pushing down on the foot pedal gently! There are also two speeds so beginners can have the machine going at a slightly slower pace to allow them more control over the machine.

Once we have the sewing Machine set up and we had tested it on some random fabric we found, we were excited because the sewing machine also came with a clutch bag sewing project. There is a very simple project design, perfect for the first time sewers.

Again this time with detailed instructions with coloured pictures. With the exception of the clothes iron, everything we needed came with the sewing machine. We are able to follow the instructions and together we made a lovely clutch bag. I'm not going to lie the bag does look like it was made by a child but Tilly is so proud of it. The set comes with paper templates which can be reused.

Overall I am really pleased with this sewing machine and would definitely recommend it to others. The Great British Sewing Bee also do addition project kits and I plan on getting one for Tilly before we move onto bigger projects. Now that Tilly can use a sewing machine, maybe its time for me to get one too!

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