Monday, 20 November 2017

Tilly Is Not Letting Dyslexia Beat Her!

Monday morning and here I am feeling pretty smug as Tilly has had the most excellent weekend with her reading. It's a little over a little year that we discovered that Tilly had severe dyslexia. A year ago when she was in year 2, she was at reception level for her reading and writing. At a meeting last week we found out that she is now only a year behind. She struggled when she started in year 3 and it was heartbreaking to watch her cry everytime she had to go to school. To see her scared to do the tests when she has finished her reading book and to see her anxiety got through the roof. Then suddenly out of nowhere, she seemed to get the grasp of reading.... you know when they say that a light bulb suddenly switched on? Well, that happened!

We were on an underground train a few weeks ago and she was reading the station stops as we came to each one, it wasn't perfect and she was sounding them out to read them. The most amazing pride built up inside of me. I was hoping that she will never have to say 'I can't read' again. Suddenly she seemed to have everything slotting into place with her reading. I was as proud of my child as if she had climbed a mountain - in fact, she had climbed a mountain of her own and conquered it.

This weekend, Tilly was reading the credits after a film. I am still slightly shocked to hear her reading things randomly like this. She has totally gone from the girl that argued with me about reading her school book and finding excuses not to read it to suddenly becoming the little girl that is not going to let anything stop her reading. There are times when its a bit inconvenient that she can read, like when I opened a bottle of wine at the weekend - she no longer believes it is coke because she can read the label! Her confidence is excelling and she is so thrilled with her reading, that I love what I see in her at the moment.

Here is to many more random reading moments with her!

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