Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Tips On Buying Skates For Your Child At Christmas From Skate Hut

Tilly is such an outdoor child, if she isn't whizzing about on her scooter then she has her roller skates on and is stumbling around the garden and street in them. She got roller skate last Christmas as a gift from a very good friend of mine and she absolutely loves them, so today I am helping you to choose the correct skates and safety equipment for your child.

The Skates

You can choose from skates with 4 wheels, heelies or inline skates. personally, Tilly has some 4 wheel skates and she learned to use them so quickly. Skates with 4 wheels are the easiest for your child to start with, you will find that they manage to stay on their feet more than they do falling over. You don't need to wear shoes with these roller skates and they are easy to slip on and off. Heelies are effectively trainers with a pair of wheels on the heel. Heelies are probably more fashionable for the older child and more convenient because they simply turn into trainers when you are not whizzing around on the wheels. Inline skates are for the more advanced skater amongst us, for the older child that is experienced with skating. Inline skates are better for speed skating and your child can get about faster.


Never rely on a second-hand helmet for your child. A helmet may cost an extra £20 on top of the cost of the roller skates, but your child's life is priceless! You never know if a second-hand helmet has been in an accident and has been damaged. With a new helmet, you know that it's perfectly safe. Always throw your child's helmet out if they have an accident with it. Make sure you measure your child's head because you want to get the right size. All the time that the helmet moves, your child isn't protected. I love this Essential Stickers Safety Helmet. Tilly can design her own helmet and I think it is simply cool.

Elbow and knee pads

These are just as important as the helmet but where the helmet protects your child from a brain injury, the Elbow and knee pad will protect your child from grazed elbows and knees. You can be sure that your child will find that one little piece of unprotected skin to fall on when they fall over whilst skating or even scootering. You can buy elbow and knee pads separately but I just buy them as a set, then I know I have done my best to protect her. I know they are probably not the coolest of things for kids to wear, but with some of the designs on the pads are actually really cool, you can get them with snazzy designs or to match your helmet - but they are absolutely a 'must' for their Christmas list. please pop over to Skate Hut and you can buy everything you need to encourage your child to get active outside.

As well as Skates, you can look at skateboards, Scooters and bikes. The more we encourage our children to go out in the winter, the better it is for them. I always worry that Tilly will never get enough vitamin D in the winter, so being outside is so good for her.
*This was a collaborative post with Skate Hut

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