Friday, 17 November 2017

What Do You Buy The Mum Who Has Everything?

It's my birthday next week and as its so close to Christmas, Kim often finds it difficult to shop for me. Most of the gift ideas in shops at the moment are based on Christmas and as I work on a fragrance counter, she can't get me perfume. So here is a little wish list of gifts to help find the perfect gift for someone you love, whether is birthdays, Christmas or just because you love them.

A Clock - Boy do I need this! I am the friend that is never on time. I always seem to think that time is on my side and that I can magically make up time on the school run when I leave home 10 minutes later than I should. I am the friend that turns up at the pub after everyone has already had two vodka and cokes and I the mother that is always late for EVERYTHING. In this day and age with smartwatches and mobile phones, there is no excuse to be late, but I never look at the time on my phone! I actually need is a clock, one that I can pop on a shelf in my office or put on the wall so that it is in my eye line. I suppose people never think of buying a clock because of the fact that we have them on our phones etc, but sometimes you just need a clock too.

Acctim Silver Radio Controlled Wall Clock

Candle Holders - I love candles, especially in the winter and Kim normally does buy me a candle holder, its almost become a tradition for her to get a different one each year for me. But it's a gift that she knows I will use. Candle holders come in many different sizes and shapes and they can have special meanings for you. I would be very happy with a candle and candle holder.

Photo Frames - Always a winner with me. These days with the ease of uploading our pictures to social media, we forget to get them printed off and putting them in a photo album and frame. We think our pictures are safe on the internet, but they can easily be deleted by us or by the internet servers. Always put the special ones in picture frames, not only are they there for you to smile at fondly but also they make the most excellent gifts for people.

A Compact Mirror - I am always on the go!I am usually on a train to a blogging event or at work. Being a busy mum, its hard enough to get Tilly ready in the mornings, so I never get myself ready for work until I have packed her off to school. I am the mum that does her hair and makeup on the train to work! Usually, I prop my phone up and put it in selfie mode and just use it as a mirror - I need to get this sorted and I need a mirror that will pop into my bag and can get out whenever I need it. If you get me a magnified one too, then you really on to a winner for the perfect gift!

These gifts can all be found in shops likes F Hinds, where you can also find more personalised or special gifts for the lady (or gent) in your life. Christmas is coming sooner than we think, we always seem to think that we have ages until the big day but before we know it - BOOM! it's Christmas Eve. This year be prepared and buy them something special.

*This is a collaborative post.

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