Monday, 13 November 2017

What Pram Is Suitable For An 8 Or 9 Year Old? - Silver Cross Sleepover Travel System

When I was a kid, I had a lovely dolls pram and I loved it until I was about 9 or 10 years old. These days kids have so many computer games and games consoles that it's difficult to get them to use their imagination. Recently we were sent a Silver Cross Sleepover Travel System from the lovely people at Play Like Mum. Silver Cross make dolls prams to look just like a real pram, they match perfectly with a travel system that you might have All little girls want to play at mummy and when you have another child, they want to copy with their own baby. Tilly doesn't have a baby brother or sister but its something she has always wanted, so she gets to pretend there is a baby in the family again.

The Sleepover travel system comes with the wheels and the baby carrycot, that converts to a pushchair with the help of a couple of poppers. The carrycot can be used either facing your child or facing away, you can slightly lift the head end to have your doll raised slightly so you can see her (Tilly likes to do this). Then when you have turned it into a pushchair you can have that facing either way too.

The Sleepover travel system has a lovely vintage quilted look to the pram body and has a sprung chassis, just like mums pram would be. It has an adjustable handle so it grows with your child and is suitable for children aged 7-9 years old. I had been looking for a pram for her size for quite a while and this one suits her perfectly (she is 8 in March). The pram is easy to take apart to store or pop into the boot of the car. The seat/carrycot part is easy enough by squeezing two buttons on the side of the pram, even Tilly can do this herself.

The hood of the Silver Cross Sleepover Travel System is decorated the same as a mums pram too and the Silver Cross logo is embroidered on the hood too. The hood comes off easily if the child doesn't want it on and the basket is also removable. There are straps in the pram body, so the doll is secured, especially when it is in the pushchair style.

The Silver Cross Sleepover Travel System is actually really lightweight and Tilly took it to London for the day, I had no problems lifting it up and down stairs. The pram is sturdy and it is very secure when it is made up and is easy to push. The basket holds Tillys school bag or backpack, whatever she has with her that day. The handlebar has a soft foam handle and it makes it comfortable for the child to push the pram. The adjustable handle means it goes from 54cm to 87 cms. Tilly has started taking her pram EVERYWHERE! I actually haven't known her to fall in love with a toy as much as she has with this pram. It has got her away from her tablet and outside more as she parades her baby around the street that we live in. Someone even said to me that it's nice to see a little girl, actually being a little girl and pretend playing.

The Silver Cross Sleepover travel system comes with free next day delivery from and it arrives in a box, where you just need to put the wheels on the frame. The Sleepover travel system will cost you £89.99 and its worth every single penny! The pram is beautiful and easy for Tilly to use and keep changing on her own. The wheels don't swivel on it, but if you want a pram like that for your child, then the Silver Cross Pioneer 5 in 1 Dolls Pram will be better for your child. It is slightly smaller and suits a child aged 4-7. There is also a fabulous little accessory set available for £29.99, this includes a rain cover, parasol, changing bag and mattress. I am going to get this for Tilly as an extra little Christmas gift.

This Sleepover travel system is the most perfect Christmas gift and will make a little girl or boys dream come true this Christmas day.

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