Friday, 17 November 2017

Whats The Best Eyelash Serum Treatment To Use?

I always feel if I am down, then my hair and nails always suffer, then that in itself makes me feel even more down! So it seems like a never decreasing circle with me. This year my lashes seem to have suffered quite a bit and now it has been to sort myself out and get it all fixed. I was sent some Nu Colour Nutriol Eyelash Treatment to try out and rescue my lashes.

It looks like a mascara wand and comes in sleek white packaging. What you do is simply apply it the same as you would mascara, The wand has proper little bristles, which is always a winner with me because I find them easy to use and the application on my eyes is so much better. With this eyelash treatment, you do not get too much of the treatment on the brush. When there is too much on the brush, it becomes harder to apply and then it takes forever to dry. So this treatment applies the right amount to your eyes. With continual use, you will find that the treatment will make your lashes look longer and fuller because of the conditioning gel within the treatment. The conditioning treatment also makes the eyelashes feel less brittle and people start to notice your eyelashes.

You can wear this as a stand-alone product but it also works really well as a primer or base coat for your lashes before you apply your mascara. This extends the wear of your mascara as well as acting like a fab conditioner for the lashes. As an eye treatment, it dries really quickly so it takes an extra minute or two to add this step to your make up routine. You can also use this as an eyebrow fixer by simply swiping the wand over your brows once you have shaped them.

What did I think?

I have used eye lash serums in the past, but this one is by far the best because it isn't thick and glunky like other treatments that just leave your lashes heavy and wet feeling for a long time. I like that it is quick to use and I use it as a stand alone treatment at night because that is the time that your body repairs itself from the day time free radicals and I feel that it gets the best benefit this way. When I am going out, I use it for shaping my eye brows as well as my lashes and they stay in place and look groomed for the whole night out. The brush is a bristle brush and I find that they are the best brushes to use as they comb the lashes really well. and separate them. The Eyelash treatment is £31.21 and this is such a fantastic price for a serum like this. I work in a beauty store and we have sold eyelash treatments like this for a lot more money! Use this is alongside the Nu Skin Curling Mascara, the eyelash treatment works as a primer and gives you a good base for an even application of mascara.

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