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Whats Your Christmas Playlist? Top 8 Christmas Songs

I work in retail and from November 1st we have had Christmas songs playing over the company radio station. they catch you out because they start with slotting one song a day in and before you know it, you're a week into November and every alternate song is a Christmas  song. Not that I mind because when I am at work, I normally switch off to the radio because you hear the same songs again and again and often you're too busy to listen. But we all love Christmas songs, don't we? It doesn't matter whether the song is a few years old or 40 years old - Christmas songs never actually seem to age ....

Every Christmas day its like a Christmas tradition, we get up and we have Christmas songs on in the back ground. It takes me back to listening to Christmas vinyl records on my record player, that was always the best way to listen to music. Did you know you can buy Vinyl from HMV? But it got me to thinking, what is your favourite Christmas song? I have compiled a list of the tops ten Christmas songs and I have included the choice of some of my favourite bloggers too.

Rebecca from I Always Believed In Futures loves Fairytale of New York She says 'I love that it is a bit rough around the edges, it isn't as squeaky clean and super festive as all the others - plus it's a great song to have a singalong too!' Its also a favourite of Kim from Me, My Life And The Tardis 'I love Christmas songs. I think they help to bring about a cheery and festive atmosphere. My favourite Christmas song is Fairytale of New York from The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl. This is my favourite, not because it has any emotional significance, but because it is just a really funny song. Fairytale Of New York is not like your standard Christmas song, it's not about love and togetherness but is a duet in which the singers insult each other to a merry tune. Fairytale of New York never fails to put a smile on my face and I always love to sing along. Plus you gotta love a song that has been band on the BBC for inappropriate language!'

Tilly's Favourite Christmas song is Baby, Its Cold Outside. She loves it because it is such a good song and She thinks Tom Jones is a really good singer (she is 7, she only knows him from The Voice). She will play it back to back over the Christmas period.

Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea is a favourite from Anita who blogs at The House That never Rests. She says 'I love playing this when finishing work and driving home to Ian and the boys. It makes me feel so lucky to have a family to drive home to, as not many people are so lucky to have their loved ones around them. It is a song that always puts a smile on my face.'

Anna, who blogs at Don't Cramp My Style says her favourite is 'Last Christmas, Wham! I would listen over and over and never get bored! Reminds me of my home and my mum as she had girl crush on George Michael.' As an old Wham! fan myself, I can see why this is one of her favourite songs.

Elyse from Sweet Elyse Blog says 'Hallelujah, the words get me, so raw and emotional. Not so much a Christmas song but I always love this at Christmas time' 

Mellissa From The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover says her favourite Christmas song also comes from one of her favourite Christmas movies (I have to agree because I love this movie too). 'All I want for Christmas is you - it is so cheery and upbeat. It's also in Love Actually and I love that film'

My favourite Christmas song off all time has to be Band Aid, not any of the remakes - Only the original! I think its because as a child it was the first time I had seen the country come together to help another country. The fact that people gave up their time and talents to do something that offered them no financial gain. It was the first time I had seen such an unselfish thing be done. The remakes never seemed to sound as good and never seemed to mean as much as the original.

Rachel from  Rachel In Real Life is a kid at heart and says 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Even as an adult it gets me excited and adds some magic.' 

So what is your favourite Christmas song? Pop it in the comments below and if there are enough, I might feature you in another Christmas playlist.

This was a collaborative post.

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