Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Winter Wonderland Fairy Rider And Interactive Dragon

What is on your child's wish list for Christmas this year? I am sure many of you will have a Baby Born toy on your child's Christmas list to Santa! Just in time for Christmas, Baby Born have bought out the Winter Wonderland range for your child. The range consists of Baby Born Interactive Fairy Rider Doll and Baby Born Interactive Dragon. playing with these toys, your child can really let their imagination run wild as they join in with the magical world of play. Magical toys like unicorns and mermaids are huge at the moment so to see fairies and dragons too, makes for exciting magical fun. The toys are interactive so you get to really pretend that they are real.

The Baby Born Interactive Dragon is the cutest and adorable little purple dragon, he is made of soft purple fur and he has sparkly wings. Although he is cute to look at and cuddly to hug, he also so does so much more if you put batteries in him.

The set comes with a 'magic' wand that you use to tap the dragon on the nose and he will start to make dragon sounds and his eyes light up, then after a second tap, the dragon starts to walk around and flap his wings. Tap the dragon's nose again and he stops. The dragon walks at a good pace so he could follow your child as they walk. Tillys has declared that her dragon is a boy, So that's why I refer to it as 'he'.

The interactive dragon has a hole in the bottom where a little egg pops in and when you lift the tail of the dragon, the egg comes out. Then you open the egg and you find that your baby dragon has been born. This is just a little bit more magic from the toy. The interactive Dragon can be found at all good toy retailers and at the moment it is £39.99 from Argos. The dragon is cuddly and cute and he is definitely a winner with Tilly.

The Baby Born Interactive Fairy Rider Doll is a fairy that comes with everything you need to look after a baby. She comes with the most beautiful fairy dress, that doubles with leggings. It does make it awkward for undressing her to go on the potty and I had to do this for Tilly. The dress has dragons on it, so it matches well with the interactive dragon.

The Baby Born doll is interactive so if you give her a bottle of water, she will cry real tears (she doesn't make crying sounds) and to do this the child just presses the arm. It is quite hard to press but once Tilly got the hang of it, she was easily able to do this, but you might need to do it for a younger child. By sitting the doll on the potty, she will pee and she also has a nappy included in the set for her to wear. There is a sachet of food included in the set and your child can feed this to the baby - and yes it then poo's it out! This made Tilly laugh ........

The doll is completely bathable because she has no batteries and your child can play with her in the bath. she closes her eyes to sleep and opens them again when you stand her up. The doll is magical and really does encourage your child to use imagination as well as introduce them to a magical and mythical world. The Fairy Rider Doll can be bought from most good toy retailers and is £39.99 at the moment from Smyths.

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