Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Changing Christmas Traditions At Home

This time next week and Christmas will all be over! I am not sure how I feel this Christmas. I only have the two girls home this year and it feels like every year, I am losing part of Christmas. I know that your kids grow up and they do their own thing, But Shit!I wish they wouldn't!

We have our Christmas traditions and every year we do the same things. We NEVER put the gifts under the tree until Santa brings them on Christmas eve and I like to make the Christmas dinner special. I always buy a new dinner set (usually because the previous years one has smashed by Christmas) and I make sure everything matches. I am not rich and My dinner table is never perfect, We squeeze around a table in the smallest house in the world, but my family is together.

This year Kim has been introducing little changes to Christmas. She suggested that we put gifts under the tree and we had the 'Santa chat' Kim is 25 and knows Santa isn't real still likes to think of herself as a believer and has convinced Tilly that she works for Santa. Tilly is still a real believer and although there have been a few close shaves this year with kids trying to tell her that he is make believe - I think we still have a believer. We decided to tell Tilly that Santa only brings a few things from her list and Mummy and Kim bring the rest. I mean why would I buy a holiday to Turkey for Tilly this year ( yes it was on her list to Santa) and then let some old bloke in a red suit take all the credit? I think Tilly is old enough to understand the concept of saving up for what you want and I want her to know that I worked hard to buy her the holiday. She also wanted an Xbox and that's all she keeps on about, so I picked up a second hand Xbox 360 from CEX and got her a couple of games. Again, this is a much-wanted gift, so I am going to take the credit for buying it!

Tilly has a Kindle from Santa (her old kids Kindle is 2 and half years old now and it's so slow and doesn't hold the charge. For my own sanity, I had to get this for her! It's so handy for her when we travel. She has fewer presents under the tree and I actually like that she doesn't have toys under there. I am aware that this is likely to be the last Christmas of Tilly believing, it saddens me a bit but you never know, she might still be a believer next year.

I quite like this tradition that Kim has changed and she also put her foot down with the amount of food that we buy - Boy, do we always buy too much? So we are keeping it basic, I like this idea. Kim has even bought paper plates and cups for Christmas dinner, at first the idea horrified me. But then the idea grew on me and she is right, there will be no washing up done on Christmas day, for the first time ever. 

So how do you celebrate Christmas?

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