Thursday, 21 December 2017

Creating Christmas Decorations With Gel-A-Peel

This year Tilly has wanted to take control of the Christmas tree decorating and that is how come my tree has been filled with pink and purple decorations with a few frozen ones thrown in for good measure. She also wanted to make some of her own decorations to add the personal touch. I love it when kids make their own decorations because it adds such a personal touch to it.

This year we have gifted a Gel-A-Peel 2-tone-kit and some Christmas decorations to decorate, so Tilly set off to work.

We used The Gel-A-Peel 2-Tone Kit but you can use any of the sets to create your decorations, all you need is a bit of imagination. You can use the Gel-A-peels straight from the tube or use the plastic template that comes included in the packet, then when they are dry, you just peel them from the template and glue them to the decorations. Tilly prefers to use her imagination and decorate her own.

As usual, the Gel-A-Peel sets come with everything you could need to design and make your own jewellery or pictures. The set comes with 2-tone gel tubes, 16 design templates, 5 designer tips, and a gel tray and there is enough Gel-A-Peel to make 60 different designs to use as jewellery. You also get the parts to turn your creation into jewellery to wear. There are also ways to make jewellery that are simple and in one piece so its easy for children to do and then once its dry, you can wear it straight away.

Tilly is 7 years old and she does love this product but it can be very messy, especially when she gets it everywhere. But it simply peels off from surfaces, so nothing is ever ruined with the Gel-A-Peel. The Gel-A-Peel 2-tone kit is an affordable pocket money toy with an RRP of £14.99 and is available from most toys shops.

The best thing about Gel-A-Peels is that the sets are mix and match so you can use different colours and templates together to create your own unique piece of art. So here are Tillys Christmas Decorations -What do you think?

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