Friday, 1 December 2017

I Just Didn't 'Get' Dr Seuss Until My 7 Year Old Showed Me!

Dear Dr Seuss

I never 'got you' as a child, I never understood the nonsense books and I suppose, I never really got into the books because they weren't as widely available in schools as they are now. I grew up in an army environment and spent most of my childhood in Germany. We didn't have the access to bookshops like we do these days as we walk down the high street. We didn't have internet, in fact, we didn't even have home computers back then. I really struggled with reading as a child and it wasn't fun for me, but we didn't have the support that we have now.

We didn't have Dr Seuss movies like we have these days and I just grew up in a completely different way to the kids have nowadays. When The older kids were born in the early 90's, Dr Seuss seemed to become more and more popular. Kim stated wanting to read the books and I must admit trying to be the best mum I could, I would go to car boot sales and try and pick them up for her. Whenever we got one, she would be so thrilled and would read it to herself for hours. But as for me - I still didn't 'get' the whole Dr Seuss thing. I didn't understand why someone would write a book that was nonsense and expect a child to read it. She remembers being given some Dr Seuss books in her classroom in year 3 and that's where her passion for the books came from.

When Tilly was born, I saw Dr Seuss books creeping back into the house and I popped them on Tillys bookshelf ready for her to pick up and read one day. Kim started to encourage Tilly to watch the movies like The Grinch That Stole Christmas and Horton Hears A Who! Me? I still didn't 'get' it.

Tilly has always struggled with reading and writing and this is due to her severe dyslexia that she suffers from. A few months ago, it broke my heart to hear her say to someone that she couldn't read. But here she is in year 3 at school, and suddenly as if something has switched on in her little head and she is getting on so well with her reading. Its as if all of a sudden, the pieces fell into place. She has an excellent support network at home and at school. With her sister suffering from dyslexia too, its good to have someone to empathise with her and who can actually understand what she is going through.

So last weekend the most amazing thing happened! I woke up to hear her reading a book. That is so unheard of from her, she hates reading as its such a challenge for her and she never picks up a book out of choice. She woke me up and all I could hear was

I would not like them here or there.
I would not like them
I do not like
Green eggs and ham.
I do not like them,

Do you know what, they were the most beautiful words I think that I have ever heard her say because she had actually taken that Dr Seuss book from the shelf, she had chosen to read it and she had the confidence to sit and read to herself. Now at the ripe old age of 45, I actually do 'get' Dr Seuss! I realise that these books may be nonsense books, but they make sense to her. They have done something that we couldn't do and that was to get her to pick up a book and read. Dr Seuss, I actually bow down to you and I only wish I had embraced the books all those years ago and enjoyed them with the older children. The past can't be changed but the future can, and I will let Tilly have every single Dr Seuss book in the house, in every different format if it means she is happy to read. Dr Seuss books may be full of nonsense, but they helped my child to read. I know that I will never have to hear her say again that she can't read.

I never thought I would say this but EVERY child should read the books of Dr Seuss, they will always have such a good memory for me now and I thank you for that.

Love from a Dr Seuss fan.

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