Monday, 25 December 2017

Lalaloopsy Glitter Potty Surprise Review

Lalaloopsy is a different type of doll to your usual doll. The dolls come from Lala Loopsyland and they are sewn together to give them the handmade look, that looks magical for little girls and boys. So let me Introduce you to Lalaloopsy, She was created in 2010 in America, She was designed to show little girls that everyone can be an individual and they don't all have to be the same as others, Everyone is special in their own way. Lalaloopsy was designed to teach girls some lessons in life like diversity, individuality and most importantly how to use their imagination and to be creative.

Recently Tilly was sent a Lalaloopsy Glitter Potty Doll to review. The idea behind the doll is that you feed her and she poo's out glitter poo in the potty! Just the kind of thing that actually interests my kid! It also promises that the Lalaloopsy doll poops out different shapes! So we decided to see for ourselves whether the doll lives up to what is promised.

The set comes with

3 colours of food (glittery sand)

The doll is a baby doll and comes with a dummy covering her cute heart shaped mouth and she has cute black button eyes. Lalaloopsy is very well made on the outside and has movable limbs so Tilly can play with her as she wants. She comes with a cute little cloth nappy that is removable for her to use the potty. 

Feeding the baby is easy, you open the tubs of food and give the baby one spoonful of the coloured sand, then you place her on the potty. On her tummy is a knob that you turn to press the sand into a shape inside the body. on the back is a dial, this is turned to give you different shapes of poop. Sadly we used a spoonful of food and it got stuck in the doll, it wouldn't go down her body and it didn't make it in the press shape. This is easily remedied by using a Philips screwdriver to undo the back and cleaning her out. The dial doesn't show you what shape you're choosing when you turn it, but then that doesn't bother us because we love a surprise. Once the doll was unblocked, we were able to get it working with the press and some of the poop did come out in somewhat of a shape. The food that you feed the baby is like a glittery moist sand and it moulds together to make the shape but it is quite fragile when you pick the poop up. It did provide a few giggles in the house and Tilly kept trying to get different shapes.

When you are feeding the doll, place her on the potty, because there is a piece of heart shaped plastic that slots in the doll to help the poop come out of the doll, and its also more fun for the kids to role play if she is on the potty. It is also a nice surprise when they remove the doll from the potty and she has pooped out shapes. The doll is cute, and Tilly did like feeding her but getting her to make proper shapes from the press, seemed to frustrate her (she has a short attention span). She liked playing families with the doll and was happy to cuddle her. The dummy is attached to the doll - I love this because dummies are always going missing from dolls! The set also comes with plenty of food, in three pots and you will not need to replace it in a rush. This makes the toy good value for money in my book because I hate buying toys that you have to buy replacement bits for.

The doll retails at £29.99 in most good toy shops and at the moment she is reduced down to £19.99, making her excellent value for money and a good price for your little Lalaloopsy fan to spend their Christmas money on.

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