Monday, 18 December 2017

The Pains of Travel – Can’t it be Easier?

Travel can be an absolute pain, especially when you don’t have a car to easily whisk you from A to B. Even then, it can feel as though you are playing ‘dodge the idiot driver’ when on the road, only to miss your turning and fight every fibre of your being not to throw the Sat Nav out of the car when the annoying voice screeches ‘make a U-turn now!’.

Oh, the joys of travelling.

And that’s all before you arrive at your destination; before you even begin to consider food and sleeping arrangements. Then it can turn into nothing short of a nightmare.

Sound like You?

Does my intro sound familiar? I’m sure you have been there at the end of a long journey, whatever mode of transportation you utilised, only to realise that the list of challenges you will be faced with is only just getting started.

How do you react when the hotel that you booked months in advance cannot find your name in the system? Or how about, once you have convinced the world’s most unhelpful receptionist that your booking is legit when you see the state of the room you have been lumbered with?

Personally, I try to tell myself it’s alright and look on the bright side of things. That is up until the point I realise we have arrived just after dinner has finished, and our favourite receptionist appears to take great pleasure in breaking the news to my starving family and me.

Maybe it’s just me

So, maybe it is just me that feels this way about travel. I’m a home bird and, when I’m on holiday, I like to feel at home as opposed to staying in some second rate hotel. It’s probably why I much prefer staying in one of those caravan homes on holiday, as I don’t have to put up with such tiny quarters or the ghastly sounds coming from the adjoining rooms (if you know what I mean).

Hotel beds always, to me at least, seem to be some of the most uncomfortable anyone could ever attempt any sleep on. Just the one pillow (I’m a two pillow minimum person) and questionable bed covers are enough to send me in a first-night-on-holiday-tantrum. The children are that tired after the journey they could sleep on a cactus, so there’s that, I suppose.

We’re Here, Now What

Have you ever been looking forward to a holiday so much that, when you arrive, you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself? That’s me. For example, last year when we went to Mallorca for a week, we quickly found that other than the obvious (and when you travel with the kids’, that’s also out of the question) there wasn’t much else to do other than lazing about on the beach.

You find yourself looking for things to do and spending a lot of money on buying gifts and souvenirs for everyone else, leaving you with barely enough money for food and drink. Eventually, it is the end of the holiday and time to go home back to reality.

Keeping it Easy

Call me a killjoy, but it’s these experiences why I much prefer to stick to easy travel arrangements and cheap but good accommodation. Travelling isn’t really for me, but I do value the quality time with my family.

Keep your sun, sea and sand and give me a no thrills week away on the outskirts of Warwickshire any day. At least I know that my bed is never more than a couple of hours away.

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