Friday, 22 December 2017

What Last Minute Gifts Can I Get In B&M?

Three days until Christmas! I am sure that it comes quicker every year and even though we budget towards the big day, it still creeps up on us really fast. Do you find that there is always a gift or two that you have forgotten? Sometimes by the end of the Christmas shopping, there is suddenly a gift that is missing or you completely forgot. Or what about the person that buys you a gift and you need to get something for them too. So you're off to the shops again to grab something. There are about a million things going around in your head and you still have so much to buy, so where are you going?

The answer is B&M.

With over 560 stores in the UK, you are sure to find a store near to you and once you arrive at the store you will find it is full of everything you could ever need, not only for Christmas but also for every day. So I found myself dashing there on Wednesday with a mission to get my last minute bits. I went looking for a gift for Tilly's friend who has autism. His mum has mentioned to me about a light and I thought it made the perfect gift for him as its good for sensory issues. Lights work as a way to calm someone with autism down when they are about to have a meltdown/ having a meltdown. So found the kaleidoscope Sphere and at £5.99, I thought it would be the perfect gift for him. It is a hypnotic light show and will be perfect for his bedroom.

Whilst we were there, Tilly chose herself a gift. I am not sure that she has got the hang of the whole gift buying idea! She chose a lava lamp. The older children all had lava lamps as a child and they are so relaxing to watch. Lava lamps have come a long way over the past few years, and now you can get them to work with speakers so you can control it with your smartphone and it plays your favourite music. The lava lamp we have was a bargain price of £9.99, which is a fab price for a first lava lamp. You can also buy one with glitter in it, although the ones with bubbles in them are better for children with sensory issues too.

B&M stock everything you could need to have a brilliant Christmas and you can find more details here on the website

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