Saturday, 6 January 2018

Creating Fabulous Personalised Thank You Card

Christmas is over and the kids are back to school, it all seems a distant memory and some people even start thinking about next Christmas already. Tilly and I were extremely lucky this year and we received some beautiful gifts from friends and family, so now is the time to get the thank you cards out. It is an important lesson for my child to learn by sending a thank you card when she receives a gift because I want her to be respectful and realise how lucky she is to receive such nice things. Tilly is a bit of a show-off and loves her photo being taken, so this year I have been looking at personalised thank you cards from Thank you cards in shops can be plain, boring and sometimes the same as another person will send. So I like to be different and I love the personalised cards from Hello Print.
I chose a favourite photo of Tilly which was taken at the church on Christmas Eve. I chose it because it shows Tilly and how happy she is as well as remembering the reason we all celebrate Christmas Day. Ordering the cards was really easy and the website is easy to follow. Firstly you choose your size that will suit you and then the quantity. I chose A5 because I thought it was a good size to be able to send in the post. You choose a quantity and the more that you order, the better the value. You can buy as little as 25 for £15.25 but I chose 50 for £17.45, this meant there is plenty for this year and to also use them as compliment cards for my blog or Tillys YouTube channel Being Tilly

As these are postcards, you get to choose whether you want to print on the back or not. It is free to have no printing on the back (this is perfect for Tilly to be able to write her message on) or you can order them with a postcard print in the back. Delivery is free unless you're in a rush and you can pay extra to get them delivered more quickly.

When you have chosen your requirements, it takes you to the page to set up an account and then that's where you are able to upload your image that you would like on the front of the card. It really couldn't be simpler to go that extra mile and create personal cards as a thank you card. It is also great for helping with memories because if you're anything like me you will keep this special little memento in a treasure box.

Will you be ordering some thank you cards? Or maybe you're looking for personalised clothes or business cards. Pop over and take a look at what there is to offer on the website.

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