Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Designing Mothers Day Cards With Dom and Geri.

Mothers Day is approaching, but not all of us have mums that we can treat, so instead we have an alternative Mothers Day, because its the people that step up and become a mum to you that are often the ones that are there for you for the hard times as well as the good times. Whether its a step-parent or an auntie, these people deserve to celebrate Mothers Day too.

Often in shops its hard to find something for the person who has stepped in to become your mum and if you do find something close to suitable, there isn't much choice and you leave the shops feeling deflated! So this is where come to the rescue. Not only do they offer cards for all occasions over the year but also for those special moments like Mothers Day and Fathers Day. I don't have a mum, but my fantastic Aunt Jan has stepped up to become a stand-in mum and she has become Tilly's Nanny. Without her, I often would have nowhere to turn and I like that Tilly now has a grandparent that has stepped in. So we like to make it special for Christmas, Birthdays and Mothers Day. Tilly also has an older sister called Kim, she looks on Kim as a second mum because there is an 18 year age difference between the two of them. They have a special bond and I love it, its good to know that Tilly has somewhere to turn if I can't be there for her. So we always get something special for Kim on Mothers Day.

On you can design your own card by choosing the template that you like the look of and then adding a special photo, these can be uploaded from Facebook or your computer. Then add some words that mean a lot to the two of you. The cards are easy to personalise and take a few minutes to design and add to your basket. The card is £2.49, which is the same price as a normal card that you would find in a card shop or stationers, but this card can be sent straight to your recipient (handy if you forget to buy a card).

Then you can design some gift wrap to go with the gift you have bought for the special mother figure in your life. The paper comes in an A1 size and is folded when it is sent to you, The price of the personalised paper is £4.99. When you buy these products you can choose for a date for them to be dispatched, so if you're super organised, then you can get it designed and sit back waiting for it to be posted. If you're the last minute kind of shopper, then as long as you design a card by 2pm, it will be dispatched that day, I am sure this has saved many a special occasion!
Families these days do come in different sizes and shapes, we have families like mine with people that stand in as mums and you get families with 2 mums. Whatever way your family is, you can design a whole Mothers Day package for the Mum in your life from cards to banners and personalised gifts. You just have to love a shop that gives you everything you want! pop over to and see the selection of cards available for yourself.

Have you sorted out your Mothers Day cards yet?

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