Tuesday, 16 January 2018

How Can I Maximise My Kitchen Storage space?

Ever watched those cooking shows where the chefs have huge kitchens, plenty of storage space, and every utensil under the sun, and yet – the space still doesn’t look cluttered? Well, you might not have such a large kitchen, but there are ways to maximise and make the most of the space you have....

Try clever storage solutions in dead spaces
Your first port of call is emptying out your cupboards of anything you don’t use, and buying storage boxes for the things you do use but tend to let spill out all over the space. But once you’ve done that? Well, you need to make full use of the space that’s currently sitting empty.

For example, fit a shelf over the kitchen window, storing things that you don’t use very often. You might want to pop your smoothie maker, toastie maker or best wine glasses up here, hiding infrequently-used items in stylish rattan boxes if you don’t want it to look cluttered.

You could also use a rotating shelf or ‘lazy susan’ turntable for those deep corner cupboards that are impossible to reach the back of without climbing inside it. You’ll be able to easily spin it round so that everything is within easy grasp.

Use Kilner jars

Kilner jars are very stylish at the moment, but they’re also very practical too. Fill them with foods you’d usually cram into cupboards (such as pasta, cereal, biscuits, tea bags etc.) and place them towards the back of your kitchen counter – the space you wouldn’t use for food preparation.

If you prefer, you can place them on shelves extending up the height of your wall, placing the less-often used jars towards the top. The tight-fitting lids will keep your food fresh, and being able to see how much you have left will make your food shopping much easier too.

Invest in more fridge space

It’s not just dry food that needs good storage – fresh food that needs to be kept in the fridge does too. If your fridge is currently too small, consider upgrading yours to one that’s much larger with fully-extendable drawers and enough compartments for all the ingredients you routinely cook with. You’ll find large fridge freezers like this from somewhere like Fisher & Paykel, with built-in models that will hide a generous fridge freezer behind your kitchen cabinetry.

Try small but significant hacks

There are also numerous small changes you can make to your kitchen, all of which have a sizeable impact when implemented – especially if you make one or more of these changes together:
  • Add a rail to the inside of your under-sink cupboard. You can use it to hang tea towels or dishcloths from, or you might prefer to hang your spray bottles (by the nozzle) so that your most-often used cleaning products are properly organised. 
  • Fit a magnetic strip to a small section of your wall, using it for storing knives. This will free up space in a drawer (and is generally safer too), as well as removing a knife block from your worktop. 
  • Use a shelf insert if you have deep drawers. Shelf inserts are generally very cheap (under £5 in many cases), allowing you to use the entirety of your drawer by using the space below and above the shelf. 
  • Make use of the side of your end cabinet by fitting a rail to it. Add hooks to the rail, and then hang your most commonly used cooking utensils from it so they’re within easy reach of the cooker without taking up worktop space in a pot, or a drawer. You could hang frequently used items from it, such as whisks, spatulas, tongs
    , and ladles. 
  • Similarly, make use of the side of your fridge. If the side of your fridge is exposed to the rest of the kitchen, attach magnetic racks or shelving to it, using the extra storage space to house lightweight items such as spices. 
  • Invest in a large over-the-sink chopping board. This kind of thing will free up the rest of your worktop space for food preparation while you chop on a surface you otherwise wouldn’t have. 

So, will you try any of these ideas for maximising storage space in your kitchen?

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