Thursday, 11 January 2018

Plans For 2018

Wow, we are really on our way into the new year now. Christmas seems like it happened ages ago and everything is back to normal or at least how it should be. The school holidays dragged though, Omg! How long do kids need off for a school break? Surely 16 days over Christmas is too much for any parent to have to endure! I know you get the parents that wish they didn't have to send their kids back to school after a break but I am the parent that is counting down the days from the moment they break up! How I was ever a stay at home mum when the older kids were little, I will never know. I guess I had more patience then and also I never worked from home. Have you tried working from home with a kid nagging every 5 minutes?

"Mum can you download Minecraft on my kindle"
*downloads Minecraft hoping that it will mean I can work in peace*
"Mum, can I play the Xbox?"
*sets the Xbox up*
"Mum, I need a drink"
*gets child a drink*
"Mum, I'm hungry"
*gives child the look*
*closes laptop and decides that 20 minutes of work will have to do and opens the Baileys*

So even though Tilly went back to school last week, this week is my first week back at work on the blog in what seems like forever. You have to really discipline yourself to work from home and I just don't have it! But it's a new year now and hopefully, the blog will bring exciting new opportunities for us both. Tilly has already said she wants us to do a weekend away somewhere on a plane. I'm not sure how we are going to work this one out but I am up for an adventure with her.

I look forward to working from home more after dropping my hours at work. Although we were told we needed to drop hours, I guess I was happy to do it. Tilly needs her mum more at the moment, she is struggling with her own mental health again and although we had an appointment for her at the MHU, it was decided that she would benefit more from a councillor in school so that she isn't taken out of the setting that she feels safe and taken to a room that she doesn't know. I feel that she needs her mum at the moment and she is making a thing out of me not dropping her at school and collecting her. Besides I am 45 years old now, I have missed so many of her school activities, I think I want to start going to see them again, rather than sending Kim.

This year sees the blog turn 5 years old - whoever knew that I would still be blogging in 5 years. I am the person with no attention span at all and as much as I wanted to give it up in the past, I just took a break and then went back to it when I felt more confident. So much has changed in 5 years, my 2-year-old little girl is now nearly 8 years old. I wonder if she will still be wanting to blog with me in another 5 years?

We do have lots of plans for this year and one of them is a trip to Turkey that I booked through Thomas cook. But also a really last minute trip to Denmark for the last weekend of the month. The flights were £10.00 each - Can you believe that? Denmark is expensive but I still think it will be cheaper than going shopping at my corner shop!

So what does the year hold for you? Have you any exciting plans? Let me know in the comments.

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