Friday, 5 January 2018

Superdrug Ceramic Curling Tongs

My hair is quite long and has a natural wave, but it's an untidy and uneven wave that I am happy to wear but often I need the help of hair appliances to get the look that I want. I have used many curling wands over the years and often opt for a more expensive brand because my hair is stubborn and I want something that will encourage my curls to stay in place.

As part of Superdrug Blog Squad, I was sent some Ceramic Curling Tongs to try out and review. The barrel on the tongs isn't very big and on my hair, it would give me some quite tight curls but as I am 45 years old - I can't quite rock that look anymore. So I used them on my daughter Tilly who is 7 years old and getting into a thing about her appearance. Her hair is very long and goes halfway down her back but it is stubbornly straight all of the time.

The tongs have 2 heat settings, so you switch them on with one click of the sliding switch and it puts you on to the first setting. Setting number 1 is cooler than number 2, but if you want hotter tongs, then just slide it to number 2, then the tongs will reach a temperature of 200 degrees.

You can create different curls with curling tongs, whilst you're using them and you don't have to stick to tight barrel curls. Using the tongs with larger sections of hair will give you looser curls whilst holding the tongs at a horizontal angle will give you a completely different curl. Using curling tongs can give you a completely different look to your hair. They are perfect for your new year party look and it really doesn't take long to create the look that you want.

I curled Tilly's hair on Christmas Eve and by boxing day the curls had dropped significantly but there was still a curl in her hair.

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