Saturday, 13 January 2018

Using The Internet To Earn Money

We all have access to the internet these days and with smartphones being so clever and having the ability to use the internet on the go, it means the internet is always at our fingertips. Between apps and websites, there is a lot to help you compare prices and save money. This year we have decided that we need to look at the way I manage finances and we are trying to save as much cash as we can, so I have put together a list of apps and websites that can often compare prices, get you free stuff or show you how to save.

Apps like Shopimum, this app gets you to buy certain products and then you scan your receipt into the app and they pay the money back to your PayPal account within days. Sometimes you get 50% off and sometimes you can get 100% of your money back. If you download the app and add my code (AECCUCUC)  as a referral, then you actually get a free gift too.

Do your online shopping through a referral website. I use Swagbucks and everytime you buy something, you click to activate the website and you get "Swagbucks" these equate to shopping vouchers for you to spend either online or in store. Recently I purchased a holiday and as I went through the website, I managed to get back £60 in vouchers just in time for Christmas. There are other ways that you can build your Swagbucks up by watching videos and downloading free apps but the points add up very slowly and I personally just use this website for shopping.

Use review sites to get the best deal. You may think you have found a bargain - but you soon find out that the quality is pants! Using a review site will stop you paying twice for a product. You can get review sites for anything online from a tin of beans to something which bingo site to use. These are the kind of sites that will help you to find ways to earn money too because you can go on peoples recommendations and can see how much they have made in the process.

Comparison sites, these sites can be your best friends because they will find cheaper products for you and you don't have to trawl through pages or websites. I use Skyscanner to find cheap flights and holidays. Then, when you have found your cheap flight it directs you to the company website and you continue your booking the normal way. You can get comparison sites for your energy suppliers to supermarket shopping. Recently I found flights to Denmark for £5 through a comparison site.

Sell your stuff,! Use eBay, Shpock or even social media selling sites, you can easily make some money, because even if its something that you don't want - someone else might want or need it. There is big money to be made in selling your unwanted goods.

Have you made money on the internet? How did you do it?

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