Thursday, 1 February 2018

Vitamin C Detox Skincare Brightening Gel.

This is a little miracle in a tube! That's the only way that I can describe this. We all party hard in December, it's the season to be jolly so why not? We catch up with friends old and new and have a few drinks for Christmas. This leads to late nights and then add the late night gift wrapping sessions the kids that won't sleep and by January you feel exhausted.But don't despair because Superdrug can help you with the range of detox skincare. As part of Superdrug blog squad I was sent that Vitamin C detox skincare brightening gel. It contains KaKadu plum, which is known to have the highest concentration of Vitamin C on the planet.

The tube comes with a roller ball to apply the gel, this instantly feels cooling and will address any problems that you have with puffiness under the eyes. It also contains Goji berries extracts and caffeine, this it's what helps to brighten your skin. Applying facial creams and gels to the eye area is a very delicate process because the skin is so thin and fragile and it wrinkles easily. So when you apply this brightening gel use light circular motions do not put pressure on the eye area, make sure you do not drag the roller ball over the eye area. After you have applied the gel use your little finger to gently tap the London Eye area and this will help the gel penetrate the skin. 

I really liked this brightening gel because it really was cooling on my skin, it definitely helps to awaken the skin in the under eye area and I popped it in my bag when I recently took a  24 hour trip to Denmark. It helped with the tiredness on my whistle stop trip and It really showed its benefits.

Did I notice much of a difference? Yes!
Would I recommend it? Yes!
Value for money? Yes

This brightening gel is available from Superdrug along with a whole range of products in the 
vitamin C Detox range and is usually found on a 'buy one get one half price' offer. As with other Superdrug products, it is cruelty free and vegetarian friendly. 

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