Thursday, 5 April 2018

8 Apps To Make You Money

We always use our mobile phone on a daily basis, if you're anything like me, you will panic if you don't have your phone in your hand. But as we have this device, we might as well make money from it. Have you ever thought about using apps that can earn you money? It might only be a little bit of cash that you earn from them but it soon adds up and if you start now, you could have a fair bit of cash to pop away for Christmas.

Sun Savers

This is an app that is promoted from the Sun newspaper, It is slow to add the money up but its the other benefits that you get from the app that is more of a bonus for you. You download the app from your app store and create an account. Then every day a different code is printed in the sun. Each code is unique and cannot be used twice. When you have 28 codes, you have earned £5. It's not much but you can save these £5's up and within a year, you have £60. You can either withdraw this money or use it to book a sun holiday, this way you get a free holiday. Also if you collect the unique codes throughout the year, it gives you the option to get free tickets to Merlin attractions. This can save you up to £100 per attraction. The app is free to download.


This is an app for people that are active on social media. If you have a page that you are quite active on or you write a blog, then this app is for you. You sign up and leave the details of your social media, then companies will contact you if they have some work for you to do. The pay is okay, and they pay you in Amazon vouchers that you can save up throughout the year or draw out when you have completed an assignment with them. This app is free to download and free to join.


This payout is pants, but if you're making a big purchase like recently I used it when I bought a holiday worth £900, and it gave me enough points to get about £35 of shopping vouchers like Amazon or the usual high street stores. You can earn points by watching videos, you get one point for watching a video and to me, this isn't worth my time but people actually do it! I like that it gives you cash back for shopping on the websites that people use all the time. I recently got back money for buying a £300 freezer from Curry's. It also gives you cash back on the sites like Superdrug, Argos etc. Swagbucks is a hard slog to get money back from but if you're making a large purchase, then it can work for you.

Be My Eye 

This app lets you earn money by carrying out location-based tasks. The tasks can be anything from showing off impressive advertising to checking stock levels of certain topics. You can withdraw your money into PayPal once you’ve hit £5. Add the code jelnrx to the app when you sign up and you will get an extra £1 when you have completed your first assignment with them. Thanks to for this tip.


Shopmium is another shopping app and you just scan the receipt from the products that you have bought. It pays out to PayPal whenever you need the money and there is no minimum payout. even better is the fact that you get £4 for every person that joins up using your referral code and sends back their first shopping receipt. If you join up using this referral code AECCUCUC, then you also get a free jar of Nutella chocolate spread. 

Superdrug Beautycard

You don't get money back with this app but you do get money to spend in the shop. Superdrug app also has special offers and a link to the website. When you are in store, you swipe the barcode on your app to collect or spend the points. You don't have to have the full amount of money for your product that you're buying on the card. You just spend the points of increments of £1. Look out for loads of Beautycard exclusive special offers in store and also occasional free gifts. Exclusive competitions where you can win your basket of shopping for free and also get bonus points. It's worth having this card on your phone. 


With this app, you can do surveys and get points for it. I personally don't have the time for survey apps but if you're on a bus to work or at home doing nothing then I think you could potentially build up quite a few points. The surveys usually take 15 to 20 minutes and you get between 2000 and 8000 points per survey. With Toluna, you can then convert your points into vouchers for shops that you like. Again its good to save up the vouchers for Christmas. 


Another survey app but these surveys are shorter and pay between 10p and £1 each. There is a minimum payout for this app and it is a huge £40 BUT the benefit of this is that you get a nice little lump sum when you do cash out into PayPal. surveys are shorter and some can take about 3 minutes for a few pence so it will take about 12 hours to earn the £40 minimum payment. But like I said before, if you are doing them on the bus to work or whilst you're watching tv at home then you don't notice the time going and the money adds up.

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