Saturday, 7 April 2018

Air Hogs Sonic Rocket Review

We are fans of Air Hogs in this house, Tilly has a drone and loves playing with it. In the past we were sent an Air Hogs Rocket to review on the blog and Tilly also enjoyed playing with this too.

The Air Hogs Rocket is a polystyrene rocket, that is so light, it feels like you are carrying nothing. You charge it up with the USB cable that is included, this is because of obvious reasons that batteries will be too heavy for the rocket to take off. When it is charged you have enough charge for 50 take offs, so it will have a few hours of fun before you have to charge it again. The rocket comes with a stand and you place the rocket on the stand, then press the button. Move back from the rocket as we found it has a mind of its own and flew sideways and over the floor before it took off into the sky.

The rocket flew up and up and up. It was so cool to watch and every time it went higher, Tilly would get more and more excited. The rocket blasts up to 200ft high, and it doesn't fail, it seemed to climb forever. It doesn't fly up in a straight line, it does climb at an angle so you need plenty of space for it to launch in and land. We used it on our seafront - hoping that it didn't go in the sea.

As the weather is so windy at the moment, we had to hold the stand down whilst it took off. But if the rocket was any heavier, it wouldn't have taken off. It is extremely light, so it is an idea to take with you on days out this summer. The rocket does seem fragile as it is so light and made from polystyrene, but it actually is stronger than you think. I thought it might get damaged as it comes back down to earth, but it was all good and there was no damage to it. If you do damage the rocket, you just repair it with a piece of tape.

You can control how high the rocket goes too, you just press the on button 1, 2 or 3 times to determine how high it goes. The more you press it, the higher it will go. Tilly is having loads of fun with this rocket and it also helped a bit with some Easter holidays learning from home as it combined a bit of science and maths. As usual with, you will not be disappointed with this Sonic Rocket. The sonic Rocket is available from Amazon for £22.99. 

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