Wednesday, 4 April 2018

An Open Letter To Blacks Store In London

To The Man In Blacks

We don't live in London, we live in a small seaside town in Kent. But as I was in London on Tuesday I decided to get some holiday shopping done. I am a travel blogger as well as a lifestyle blogger so we travel a lot on different type of holidays. We were in your  St Pauls store looking at camping equipment when my eldest daughter Kim, noticed a travel door lock for when I stay in a hotel in Turkey. My little girl is 8 years old and sleepwalks. This can be a frightening occurrence to watch because you're disoriented yourself as it wakes you from a deep sleep. My biggest fear is that she will sleep walk in Turkey and end up in the hotel pool. There wasn't much information on the packet but I thought that it was worth a try for 6 quid. I also looked at a few bits of camping equipment whilst I was there, I wanted to ask the staff about an electric hook up for a tent, but the man I approached at the till said his shift was just finishing and he was going home, but if I took all of the stuff upstairs, someone would help me. I work in retail and I know it's often difficult to get off the shop floor, especially if you are understaffed. But I have NEVER walked away from a customer like that.

So I went upstairs to find some staff who were on the till I asked about the travel door lock and said: "Do you know if this will keep work to stop a child from opening a door because my 8-year-old daughter sleepwalks". The member of staff seemed to find this funny and started laughing. I told him that it's not a laughing matter, it can actually be dangerous. The lady on the till next to him obviously heard what had happened and tried to help us as she was helping her own customers. Then the man that had been serving me scurried off somewhere without even an apology. The lady with the most awesome purple hair was really empathetic and tried to help me as much as she could. I made my purchase of the travel door lock but decided against my camping equipment because I was angry and upset over the whole laughing at my child's problem.

I know that people laugh when they don't understand things, but to laugh about my 8-year-old in front of her and my older daughter, was bang out of order! I don't think I will ever shop in blacks again, the whole experience from start to finish was appalling and it goes to show that you do not put your customers first.

Whilst on the train home, I sent a quick tweet to your blacks twitter account and the customer service on there wasn't much better, although they did apologise on the store's behalf. I feel really let down by your company and think that if that's how customers are treated, you need to rethink how the staff are trained. You never know who that customer is, they could be a mystery shopper or a blogger like me.

From A Very Upset Mum


  1. I wouldn't have brought the lock from them either, you could probably get it online. How dare they laugh. So rude and unprofessional. I hope you and Tilly are ok?

    1. I wasn't going to as kim said we could get one online, but we go in a few weeks and this one was in my hand. So I ended up buying it and they lady had tried so hard to make the situation better.

  2. As child sleep walkers both myself and my son, I completely agree it's no laughing matter. They were out of order and clearly the guy vanishing knew it! The first guy could have given you service regardless of his shift, because that's what you do in retail. Less than stellar behaviour there on both counts.


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