Monday, 16 April 2018

Bullying In The Workplace

Bullying doesn't just happen to kids in school, it happens to adults in the grown-up world too! When I was working for Curry's when the older kids were little there was a really horrible bloke who would bully me and make me feel inadequate at my job. When things didn't go his way, he would try to get me into trouble. It made matters worse that he was also a deputy manager, so it seemed like I was going to lose, whatever I did or said. We would get extra commision if we pushed the warranties on top of the purchases and we would also get more money if we pushed the credit facilities on to customers too. I hated this part of the job anyway, but it also made the place a very competitive place to work and if you secured a sale, turned your back and the deputy manager would finish the sale off and take the commision as his own.

I eventually left the company and the manager tried to get me to put in a formal complaint against the bullying in the workplace, but I didn't have the nerve or the energy to do it. If the same thing was to happen to me now - I wouldn't think twice, I suppose you learn from lessons like this and you become stronger. Bullying in the workplace is more popular than you think and if you're suffering in silence, then please reach out to your HR dept or manager. Sometimes bullying is passed off as something else, the person that is bullying you may not actually realise that it is bullying. 'I am helping to toughen you up' or 'It's the style of management that I use' even 'could it be a clash of personalities?' are some of the excuses used to cover up bullying BUT if you feel threatened, upset or worried about what is happening at work then it is more than likely bullying.

You must not be embarrassed or ashamed if you think you are being bullied. There are ways that you can beat the bullies at work, ways that can ensure that you stay above the law and protect yourself from further bullying.

You should get to know the bullying and harassment policies within your company, this will help you to keep on top of the bullying and know your rights.

Make a note of what is happening, when it's happening and dates times and witnesses if anyone else saw what was happening. 

Make sure that someone else knows what is going on, you could chat with a colleague (although be aware that they may tell your manager or the bully, themselves).

Read about bullying in the workplace on the internet and do your homework, you can get more advice from places like ACAS

Make a complaint and follow it through, even if you come to an agreement with your bully, they might start on another colleague. They need to be stopped once and for all!

Whilst bullying is not illegal in the workplace, it is really uncomfortable, scary and upsetting. Bullying could be difficult to prove but the law is on your side and there is a law about harassment! You are protected under the Equality Act 2010. You are protected against harassment because of your age, gender, sex, or sexual preferences. Also, your maternal and paternal rights before and after you have your child. It is also harassment if you are being picked on or bullied because of your religion, race or beliefs. 

You do not have to put up with bullying in the workplace, do not need to put up with anyone belittling you in the workplace, where you're supposed to be safe. I hope you find the strength to fight because I didn't and I always wonder if he went on to bully other members of staff. If you don't know where to turn, please click on the links in the post and get some advice. 


  1. I was bullied when I worked in an investment bank and really struggled to make myself heard. Thankfully I found HR extremely helpful and it was all dealt with in the end

  2. I've had to deal with bullying in the work place but I was strong enough to leave. Not a lot of people aren't able to this though

  3. I've worked in a place where I felt so uncomfortable before as no one spoke to me and it just had such a bad atmosphere. I was glad that it was an ad hoc job and I ended up leaving as i needed something with more hours. My husband has had jobs in the past which unfortunately he was bullied in though. I just hope its something I don't have to experience in the future.

  4. I can't imagine how horrible it would be, as somewhere that you go everyday. So important to speak out

  5. I was bullied by an ex manager. I'm lucky my HR dept dealt with it really well. Jo x

  6. Totally not on! I'm glad you've brought this to light and hopefully it helps a few people

  7. I worked for law firms for over 20 years and bullying happens there too. I always tell people to remember that your employer has a 'duty of care' towards you. A contract is a two way street. It's amazing what happens when you remind HR of the duty of care aspect in relation to bullying. If you are being bullied you MUST take notes, write everything down, screenshot messages, print off emails and seek legal advice (well away from your employer).

  8. OMG, your deputy manager at the time sounded awful! I can't stand any sort of bullying. I hope people in a similar situation read your post and make a complaint against bullies in their workplace as it's just not on :(

    Louise x

  9. I found this happened a surprising amount when working in schools. I guess the pettiness of school dramas seeps into adult life too unfortunately. Great advice - thanks x


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