Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Cobra Paw Board Game Review

Arte you looking for a game for the kids to play together? One that is going to get them working and thinking fast? You need to play Cobra Paw, where you have to work as fast as a ninja in order to win the game. We were sent this game as being part of Asmodee UK Blogger Board Game Club, but all opinions are my own

The Cobra Paw game is so easy to play so its ideal for all of the family. The game is ideal for kids aged 6 and above but I think if your child is quick thinking and you give a little bit of extra help, then you can play with younger children because it will be good for them to match the planks with the patterns on the dice.

The game is easy to play, you get 21 clawfuku stones that look like dominoes. 2 Catnippon dice and the battle is ready to begin. Place the stones on the table faced up, the youngest goes first and rolls the two patterned dice. Then you all have to think quickly and look for the stone with the matching pattern on. It's so easy to play, there is so much fun and giggling involved in the game. When you go to pick up the stone, you have to do it with the fingertips and can't use your whole hand to grab it.

It depends how many of you are playing as to how the game plays. You can play with 2 to 6 people (ninja's) and if you play with 2 players, you must collect 8 stones but if you are playing with more players, it is the first person to collect 6 stones. To make the game even more exciting, if an opponent already has the stone then you can take it from them but you need to be fast before the opponent grabs it themselves. 

If you pick up a stone, then it's your turn to roll the dice, you can actually keep hold of the dice for quite a while. The game does get very loud and hectic, but it only lasts a few minutes each time so you could play a few rounds of the game before you get bored of it. You can also adapt the game to make it slightly more difficult and there are some suggestions in the rules like removing some stones from the table and if the dice is rolled and it shows one of the stones that have been removed, then the first opponent to shout 'Cobra Paw!' gets to choose a stone to keep.

This game was a complete winner with all of the family and you can buy it from Amazon for £14.99 and we recommend it for fun and giggles guaranteed. 

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