Wednesday, 25 April 2018

How Good Is The Meccano 10-in-1 Rally Racer

Having older children that are now in their 20's, it is nice to see the old toys still out there and as popular as ever. One of these toys is Mecanno, I remember making things with Zach, when he was 8 or 9 years old and now here I am making it with his 8-year-old sister. We were sent the Meccano 10-in-1 Rally Racer for the purpose of review and this blog post is all about how we got on with it. Kids these days are all about tech, and I know that Tilly always has her head in her Kindle. So its really good to see them using S.T.E.M toys to learn as they play.

With the Meccano 10-in-1 Rally Racer, you get the tools and instruction booklet to make 10 different designs of a rally car, so once you have made one of them, you can take it to bits and challenge your child to make another one. This was great for getting Tilly to follow easy instructions and learn about the science and maths behind making something like this. The set comes with all of the tools that you need and also a motorised engine so your child can watch as their rally car really does go across the floor. Mecanno has been used by children for generations after it was invented in 1898 by Frank Hornby, and it has inspired children to become engineers, architects and creativity for children in over 50 countries worldwide. Mecanno marks its 120th birthday this year and it still works with builders, creators, visionaries, and educators to help to inspire our children of the future.

The Meccano 10-in-1 Rally Racer is ideal for kids aged 8 and older and should take between 1 - 3 hours to do. Tilly has the attention span of a flea sometimes and I made her put her tablet down and make a rally car up on a quiet Sunday. Okay. so it took longer than the 3 hours to do, but Tilly had never made anything like this before. It took 8 hours to do, on and off. She tried her best and I let her go along and do it herself because otherwise, she isn't going to learn. She understood the concept and the instructions were easy to understand. She has dyslexia and struggles to follow written instructions, so with the instructions just being images, it was easy for her to follow. She did make a few mistakes and I had to keep intervening and correcting it, but I think the girl did well!

With Meccano, you get to use real tools and equipment, the nuts and bolts are real and Tilly told me that she has much respect for engineers and mechanics now as it was a bit fiddly. She had to count a lot and follow the instructions to ensure that it was put together correctly and she talked to me about how she thought it worked with friction. She learnt about the mechanics of the engine and how she needed to add batteries to make it work. It also taught her how she needs to put the bits together in order for the engine to make the wheels go round. I am a huge fan of S.T.E.M toys because learning doesn't just happen in the classroom.

I would buy Meccano for Tilly again because Its nice to see kids play with toys that do not involve any smart devices. I like that even though Meccano is 120 years old, it is still a firm favourite with kids and their parents. This is available at all good toy retailers for £19.99.

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