Saturday, 21 April 2018

How good is a MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove

Recently we went on a camping trip, with a new tent that we wrote about here. I don't drive, so if we decide to go camping, then we have to usually carry everything on public transport. Last year we went to Geronimo Festival in Manchester and we managed to carry our tent and a bag full of clothes and sleeping bags with an airbed, but we didn't have a stove because they are just too heave to carry. That was a big mistake on my part because we ended up having to eat at the festival. I don't mind eating at these places and although the festival food was reasonably priced, it soon adds when you're eating 3 meals a day. It's the same when you stay at a campsite but don't take anything to eat with.

This year, we are prepared with our new MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove, it really is what it says on the packet because of the stove being able to fold up tiny and going into a tiny box, about twice the size of a matchbox. It is small but its perfect for us as it only weighs 73g, and it isn't too heavy to pop into your bag. The stove fits a small pan on the top of it, so it really is only ideal for one person, or one adult and a child like us. But again that suits us as we have to carry everything and a little pan is easier to carry.

The stove is really easy to attach to the gas canister, you remove the lid off your gas canister and simply screw the stove on to it. Pull the arms out and twist them into place and you're good to go. Light the stove with a lighter or matches and turn it up to the heat that you need. This stove may be small but it is actually really powerful. it will boil up a pan of water (1 litre)  in 3 minutes! There is nothing worse than waiting forever for the kettle to boil.

The stove is so easy to store when you're not using it, pop it in the red box that it comes with and it won't scratch any of your camping equipment and then you simply pop you red box inside your camping mug or pan to utilise space as you pack.

This stove should be used on a flat surface because it is so light and I was worried about it toppling over on the grass. I even felt confident letting Tilly use this stove with me, under strict supervision from me. When you have finished with your stove, you wait for it to cool down and it goes right back in its storage box after you disconnect it from the can cannister. to switch the stove on and off, you simply turn the wire rectangle switch.

This stove is £27.95 from Simply Hike, and sometimes it costs that much to eat at a campsite for a day or two, so it will pay for itself over a few uses. This stove is a winner for people that are hiking or have to use public transport to get to a camping site. It is a fantastic quality and for something so small, it gives out huge results.

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