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How To Quickly And Easily potty Train Your Puppy

Potty training can be a real hassle especially if you’re new to it. Luckily, there are ways to make it easier.

What most people tend to neglect about this particular type of a training is that it is the first thing that your dog will learn. At the same time, it is the first time you will be presented with a situation where you have to order your puppy around. Like with real kids, this is not an ideal situation for some as they find it hard to discipline another being. Unfortunately, consistency is more important than anything else during potty training.

In order to give you some basic tips as to how to behave with a small puppy, I’ve made this short potty training article. Check it out!

Start by covering your floor 

This might sound silly but it is something that new dog owners occasionally forget to take into consideration.

Potty training can be a lot of work and even stressful so make sure to reduce that stress as much as possible. Start by covering the floor. Even if a puppy has an accident, it will not ruin your carpet. Similarly, it is much better if you find a certain part of the room where the puppy will be during most of the day (until it learns how to potty outside of the house).

Have patience 

Like with a human being, dogs are different in terms of character and intelligence. If you previously had a dog and just go a new, young puppy, there is a chance this puppy is not a quick learner. This may infuriate you at times but this shouldn’t be the case. Even worse, some owners may take it out on a puppy in such situations which is completely counterproductive and wrong.

No matter what you do, make sure to be patient and consistent. By sending mixed messages, the puppy will become confused. Have in mind that puppies interpret your mood and behaviour based on body language so make sure to use the same type of both negative and positive stimulation. Puppy needs to know when it did wrong and when it did the right thing.

Be gentle 

Even though puppy training is crucial and will be important going forward (for all other pieces of training), people tend to get frustrated and even take it on a puppy.

There is a big difference between telling a puppy that it shouldn’t pee on a carpet and be yelling at it. Have in mind that puppies are really small beings and they are intimidated by us as it is. Being excessively negative or even punishing a dog can cause a trauma and alienate the dog. Furthermore, a dog can get so stressed that it starts peeing itself in almost every situation. It might even think that pottying as a whole is negative behaviour which can lead to additional issues.

So, no matter what you do, make sure to be gentle. Petting a dog when it does something good is much better stimulation than yelling at it if it does something wrong.

Think about dog’s metabolism 

Dogs are very similar to us when it comes to metabolism.

They have to relieve themselves at approximately the same time during the day and if you did everything correctly, you can plan when a puppy needs to go out. In order to regulate dog’s metabolism and make pottying a more predictable thing, you should feed it each day at the same time and with the same quantity of food.

Even though you will give it one and the same things, this is the best way to control its behaviour.

Be proactive 

Lastly, make sure to be proactive. You need to wake up before the dog and predict its bowel movement before it does. Puppies are not known for their discipline so you’re the one that needs to set up an example. In the end, that’s something that we adults have to do in our daily lives as well.

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