Friday, 27 April 2018

Mermaid Cosmetic Bags And B. Sculpting Sponge Review

Sequins are so on trend at the moment and as usual, Superdrug is right up there with their on-trend products. Have you been online recently to Superdrug's website and seen all of the sequin cosmetic bags? If not, then you are missing out on such a cool makeup accessory. I was sent one as part of Superdrug Blog Squad.

How cool is this Sequin Mermaid Silver makeup bag? It is part of the range of own brand make up bags from Superdrug. There are a few different colours in the range and when you brush the sequins in the opposite direction, it shows as a different colour. Mermaids are so fashionable at the moment and this is your chance to own a mermaid makeup bag.

These makeup bags are a good size to pop a few brushes in and some makeup to pop in for your handbag. This makeup bag is very mermaid inspired and will cost you £5.99 from Superdrug on a buy one get one half price offer for this month.

Also in my package from Superdrug Blog squad was a B. Sculpt Effect Sponge. I have only just started to use this kind of sponge to its full potential and I find them so easy to not only apply my foundation but also to blend in my contouring. This sponge actually has a flat base so you can stand it up when you're not using it. The airbrush base will help you to achieve an airbrushed look on your face when you apply your makeup, it has tiny hair filaments to help get a better coverage when you use it in circular motions on your face. This sponge is angled at the top to offer a good surface to work your make up into your face and it's shaped in the middle to give you a better grip as you hold it.

The sponge contains latex and it made my hands smell slightly of it. The latex can cause reactions if you have an allergy. You can use this on foundations and also contour and if you dampen it down before you use it, you will get an absolutely flawless blend.

The B. range is a Superdrug own brand and carries the 100% money back guarantee but you won't need it because I personally think the B. Make up accessories are as good as brands like Real Techniques but at a fraction of the price.

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