Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Swim Shoes For The Beach And Poolside

I live by the sea so you would think that we would be making the most of the beach all of the time, right? No, wrong! Our seaside town is beautiful but we have a shingle beach and if I go down the seafront with flip-flops or sandals on, then stones get in my shoes and the feeling makes me cringe. So for that reason, we didn't really visit the beach much, despite it being across the road from my house.

www.SimplySwim.com came to the rescue by sending us some beach shoes to review. These came at such a fab time as we are off to Turkey for a few weeks and I won't go in the water there either as I can't see what is on the seabed. Tilly chose Jelly Junior swim shoes and I chose Women Zanpa swim shoes. Both shoes are speedo shoes and are very fashionable to wear to and from the beach as well as around the pool.

The shoes go on easily and they actually feel almost like a second skin. They are a very soft plastic and fit really well, there were no chances of getting a blister because the shoes never rubbed my skin. They are comfortable to walk in and when I went on the shingle on my beach, I didn't even get any stones in my shoes. I LOVE THESE SHOES!.

Tilly wore them in the sea, even though it was Easter Sunday and it was freezing cold! But one of my biggest worries at the pool with Tilly is that she always runs, and I am scared she is going to slip over. These swim shoes are gripped on the bottom to prevent a child from slipping over by the side of the pool and the grips will also help the child to climb out of a pool after they have finished playing in the water. Swim shoes are a really good idea to use in the sea as well as in the pool because you don't know what you're standing on, our shingle can be sharp and cut her feet.

The shoes get mucky in the sea, but they are easy to wash off in the sink and you can pop them on your holiday balcony to dry off in no time at all. We both loved these shoes and they were so easy to slip on and off, they were comfortable and none slip, I could actually get up the shingle hills on the beach a lot easier. We would definitely recommend these swim shoes and I think we will live in them on holiday. They get a full thumbs up from Tilly.

These swim shoes were sent to us to review, but all opinions are our own. 

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