Monday, 30 April 2018

The First Inflatable Chair From Trono, Join The Fun!

We have just rediscovered camping again after a few years. I used to go camping all the time when the older kids were little because it was so much cheaper than staying in hotels. But as I don't drive, I have to rely on public transport to get me to my destination. This means carrying the lightest equipment that I can find. I like my luxury, but sometimes you have to sacrifice luxury and comfort for convenience - or do you?
Our tent is lightweight and so is our camping equipment, so if we could find lightweight chairs to sit on, then we would be able to enjoy comfort and convenience when we go camping. Let me introduce you to TRONO. The tram at TRONO has this amazing chair that you can literally take everywhere because it folds up so small and pops into a little storage bag. It weighs 800 grams and holds a weight up to 150kgs, so its perfect for anyone to use. It is also made from triple- coated nylon AKA parachute material, so it's going to be strong. The chair inflates without a pump and it is machine washable, there is a removable cover for comfort.
These are designed for adults in mind, but what happens if you want to get one for the kids? There is a fab new design coming soon for the children so they can enjoy sitting on their own TRONO. At the moment there is a Kickstarter going on where you can actually get to own one of the first TRONO kids chairs. The kid's chairs are the same design as the adult chairs, but they are lighter, and they have the coolest of designs on the seat covers.


They hold up to 150kgs, so they are okay for an adult to sit on. TRONO for kids. They literally inflate instantly, as you can see in the video and they stay inflated for about 4 hours but have you actually ever seen a child sit still for that long?

These are ideal for so many things other than camping, You can use them for

  • Beach trips
  • If You're a football mom
  • Camping
  • In the house, perfect for extra guests.
  • When you cant get a seat on the train (maybe that's just me!)
  • Festivals
  • Watching your kid play at the park.
  • Parades
  • By the pool
  • In the pool
  • As a gaming chair
You can take this ANYWHERE because it is so light, it folds up in a small bag and it inflates so quickly. The exciting news is that you can own your own kids TRONO before anyone else and at a special offer price if you back the TRONO team with this venture. 

When you donate through a Kickstarter project, you can donate as little as £1, but you will know that you have helped a new business to thrive and expand to bring out more products. If you donate more money, then the team offers little incentives and this is how you will get your hands on one of the first kids TRONO's that are made. 

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